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James’ Molohon’s ‘Divided’ Will

An interesting will from Will Book A of Washington County.  Mr. James Molohon resolutely divides his thirty pounds between three of his children, leaving the other three with one shilling sterling each and ‘no other part of my estate’.  Hm, were these three children given land and money beforehand?  It doesn’t say.  He must have had great faith in son Charles to hold the thirty pounds and not use it unwisely before his father’s demise!

Thankfully James Molohan names his daughters with their married names – what a help! 

wc-will-book-a-molohon-1March 22, 1801

The last will and testament of James Molohon.  In the name of God, amen.  First and principally I give my soul to Almighty God who gave it me and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors.  I, James Molohon, being sick and weak of body but of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, do make, constitute and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following.

Item.  My will and desire is that the thirty pounds in my son Charles

wc-will-book-a-molohon-2Molohon’s hands shall be equally divided between the said Charles Molohon, Alleweze Higdon and Jane Drury.  Also one bed and furniture and one chest to the said Jane Drury.  Then my will and desire that my other three children, namely James Molohon, Susanna Horskins and Margaret Thompson, shall have one shilling sterling each and no other part of my estate.  James Molohon

Jonathan Goldsburg, John B.  Gough

At a County Court held for Washington County on Tuesday the 7th day of July 1801

This last will was proven by the oaths of Jonathan Goldsburg and John B. Gough, subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Charles Molohon, who made oath according to law, the administration of the said deceased estate with the will annexed is granted him, he having executed bond according to law.

Teste.  William Caldwell, Deputy Clerk

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