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Actual Will of Captain John Linton – With His Signature

The last time I was at Washington County Courthouse doing research, I pulled out the original wills of citizens of the county, and among those was that of my fifth and fourth great-grandfather, Captain John Linton.  There is previous post that lists the will and its contents, and you may click here to read that information.  I am more interested today to share with you photos of the actual will – yes, an Iphone has many uses!

img_0866The first page of the will starts with the usual ‘being or sound and disposing mind,’ and starts the list of bequests.  At the bottom of the page is the bequest to his daughter, Nancy Edwards, my fourth great-grandmother.  Nancy married Edward Barbour Edwards in Loudoun County, Virginia, before the family made the trip to Kentucky in 1818.

img_0867More bequests on this page, especially to daughters.  I notice when the husband is still living the Captain writes, ‘to my daughter, Susan Moran, and her husband, William Moran,’ if the husband is still living.  Sadly, with the case of Nancy Edwards in the previous page, her husband Edward was deceased.

img_0868Page three lists the bequest to my third great-grandfather William Linton.  As mentioned before, he was somewhat of an embarrassment to the Captain as he seemed to spend money like there was no end to it.  The assets that would have been his were left in trust to son John H. Linton for the use of William’s wife and children.  Even at the great age of 84 Captain John Linton was a wise man and knew to set this agreement in writing.  Unfortunately the Captain died two years later, and John H. Linton, two years after his father.  William’s son, Edward, my second great-grandfather, was born in 1824, and soon after John H. Linton’s death in 1838, he took over the management of his father’s money and property.  It seems young to be given such a task, but he must have been up to it, as he continued throughout the lives of his parents.

img_0869I love the last page!  It bears the signatures – two – of Captain John Linton!  The first seems a bit unsure – but I notice now that if the arthritis is acting up my handwriting is not as neat, and I am not the great age of the captain.  The second signature is after a codicil concerning two of his Negroes – Dick and Conny, a very old couple – who are to be ‘permitted by my executor to go where they please and that they do not suffer.’  These slaves came with him from Virginia, as they are listed in the affidavit containing the list of slaves brought with John Linton from Virginia, dated November 5, 1818, and that he had no intention of selling them.


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  1. Phyllis,I am the 4th ggrandson of Captain John Linton through John h. linton that was b.july 4, 1776. John H.linton had a son Also Capt.John Linton B 1806 He died in 1898 in Iuka,miss Where i live now. have you research your Capt.Johns father and back.Please let me know.to compare with mine.thank you.

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