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Stephen and Nancy Brown Lucas of Mercer County

Charlotte Olson was kind enough to share photos and information for this post!  Stephen Lucas and Nancy Brown are her second great-grandparents.

stephen-nancy-brown-lucas-1This is the earliest photo of Stephen and Nancy Brown Lucas.  In the 1880 Census of Mercer County, Kentucky, Stephen is 40, a farmer, Nancy is 38, Leonard is 13, Mary 82 12, Irene is 10, Brown is 7, Sallie is 5, William is 3 and Bohon is 1.  They originally lived in Scott County, that being the place of birth of Stephen.  In the 1900 Census of Mercer County Stephen is 60, and couple has been married 40 years.  Nancy is 57, she had 9 children and 8 are still living.  Most of the older children have married and moved away, but the young ones still living with their parents are Bohon, 20; Virginia, 16; and Nannie B., 13.

Stephen Lucas fought with the Confederates during the Civil War.  He was a member of John Hunt Morgan’s band.  Stephen and his brother were both captured and taken prisoner to Camp Douglas, in Chicago, Illinois.  The brother died there, Stephen was held prisoner for many months, but finally released.

stephen-and-nancy-lucas-0012-1Another photo of the couple, yes, they have aged, but they have sweet faces, and I’m sure were an inspiration to their children and grandchildren.  Stephen was the son of William Lucas and Priscilla Boyle.

stephen-and-nancy-lucas-001-3Another photo of Nancy Brown Lucas sitting on her front steps.  It mentions the home is on Dry Branch Pike outside of Danville.  I have driven this road many times, in fact the Old Mud Meeting House Cemetery is on this road, closer to Harrodsburg.  Charlotte has such treasures in these photos!


Stephen Lucas, January 31, 1840 – April 28, 1905.  Nancy, his wife, August 18, 1842 – March 1, 1926.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky.

This is Charlotte’s photo – taken several years ago.  Mine, taken more recently, was harder to read.

stephen-lucas-obituary-001-2Stephen Lucas’ obituary in The Harrodsburg Herald, Thursday, May 4, 1905.


A Good Citizen Passes to His Eternal Rest.

Mr. Stephen Lucas, one of the best known and most highly respected men in the county, died Friday night after a short illness of black erysipelas. He was about 65 years of age, and man of sterling character. The funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at his home, the old Nelson Rue farm on Dry Branch, by Rev. Vaughn. Mr. Lucas was one of the band of Confederate soldiers who are fast answering the last roll call. He was a member of Morgan’s command and was with him on the Indiana and Ohio raid. He and his brother were both captured and taken to Camp Douglas, where the latter died, and Mr. Lucas himself was held a prisoner for many months. On his release he returned to this county, his native home, where he married and settled down as a farmer. During his lifetime he perhaps owned more farms than any man in the county. He would purchase a desirable place, live on it a few years and improve and build up the land, and then sell at an advanced figure. This dealing in real estate was successfully managed and there are few purchasable farms in the county which have not at one time passed under his ownership. He was the father of a large family, and carried throughout his domestic life the same kindly and indulgent traits that marked his dealings with the outside world. With two exceptions, this family, now grown men and women and all excellent citizens, still survive him, as well as a devoted wife. It is the taking off of such good men and true citizens that impoverishes our citizenship.

This is a beautiful tribute to Stephen Lucas, one most deserving of these kind words.

nancy-b-lucas-dc-1The most important piece of information we gather from the death certificate of Nancy Brown Lucas is her parents – Greenup Brown and Mary Aldridge, both born in Kentucky.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, March 6, 1926

The many friends here of Mrs. Nancy Brown Lucas, widow of the late Ste­phen Lucas, of this county, are grieved at her death Monday after­noon, after a brief illness, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Durham, in Danville. Mrs. Lucas was eighty- four years old. She kept house with her son, Mr. Brown Lucas, until his death about four years ago. She then went to Danville to reside, after living all her life in Mercer County. She was a member of the Methodist Church, a splendid woman, who was loved by all who knew her. The funeral was held Wednesday at the residence of Mrs. Dur­ham, conducted by the Rev. Fuqua, of the Danville Methodist Church. The burial was at Spring Hill Cemetery in this city. Mrs. Lucas is survived by three sons and four daughters: Mr. Leonard Lucas, Louisville; Mr. William Lucas, Lexington; Mr. Bohon Lucas, Harrods­burg; Mrs. C. A. Roy, Brownsville, Texas; Mrs. W. E. Durham, Danville; Mrs. E. P. Terhune, Harrodsburg; Mrs. Chas. Smith, Miami, Florida. Besides the children she is survived by one sister, Mrs. Sallie Robinson, of this city, twenty-four grandchil­dren and ten great- grandchildren. Mrs. Roy and Mrs. Smith were unable to be here for their mother’s funeral.

Another beautiful tribute – how quickly lives flit by – let us make the most of it while we are here.  And thank you, Charlotte, for sharing your family with us – it was a delightful meeting!






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  1. what a sweet way to begin this morning….I have no words.. you told their story in such   eloquent tones….gone but not forgotten…can’t wait until we meet them and hear their retelling in their own Kentucky meter…thank you Phyllis,charlotte

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