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My Birthday Gift – McIntire Family Treasures

As any good sister would do, Donna knocked my birthday gift out of the park!  She kept telling me I could never guess in a million years what she had found for me, and, that is very true.  She bought a box of old books at an auction, and in one of the books were four very old receipts that she just knew I would love!  Have I mentioned she is my favorite sister?  And not only because of her gift!  We are the two oldest and have spent more time together than the rest of my siblings.

The first is a receipt that says, ‘Received Flemingsburg, December 8, 1804, of Captain Aaron McIntire, one pound three shillings and seven pence in full of all accounts up to this day, William Jacobs.’  What a remarkable find!  Flemingsburg is in Fleming County.

The next reads, ‘Lexington, April 6, 1810, Received of Captain Aaron McIntire five dollars and seventy-two cents, for Daniel Bradford, Charles Bradford.’

Of course, my first thought – who was this Captain Aaron McIntire?  Was he a captain from the Revolutionary War or perhaps the War of 1812?  I was in research mode.

But, wait.  There is more.  Two more old receipts.

‘Mr. Thomas B. McIntire, 1870, to W. J. Ross & Co.

July/August 20.  1 bbl 35 100 pounds sugar at 14 cents, $14.35, 50 pounds sugar at 14.2 cents, $7.25.  10 pounds coffee at 25 cents, $2.50, 10 pounds granulated sugar at 16 cents, $1.60, for a total of $25.70.

If you can send us the above next week it will be quite an accommodation.  Respectfully, W. J. Ross & Co.’

And –

‘Mr. Bennett McIntire, to John F. Fleming, Dr.

To this amount for medical services from July 27th, 1878 to July 1st 1879 inclusive, $9.00.

June 11 to visit and medicate Charles Jones $2.50.  Amount due $11.50.

Received payment October 3, 1881.  John F. Fleming per G. W. Fleming.’

Now we are on a quest.  The boxes purchased were from Frances Moore’s family.  Frances married William Joseph Peterson in 1975, Donna’s husband’s older brother.  I found a marriage announcement in The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, Sunday, January 12, 1975.  It said that Miss Frances May Moore was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McIntire.  Our first clue – the McIntire line comes from her step-father.  The wedding took place at the Flemingsburg Christian Church.

With a bit of search through old newspaper articles and the census records of Fleming County, I found that O. W. McIntire was the son of Oscar W. McIntire.  In the 1940 census the elder Oscar is 64, wife Pearl is 55 and son Oscar is 22.  Living in the household are James Planck, father-in-law, and Alice L. Planck, mother-in-law.  From the 1880 census A. James McIntire, 44, and wife Nancy, 35, have a son W. Oscar, aged 4 (father in the 1940 census).  In the 1850 census A. James McIntire is listed as son, aged 14, to parents Thomas B., 42, and Mary, 37.  Also living in the household is Aaron McIntire, aged 77.

Therefore, our four old receipts are for Aaron McIntire, 1773 – April 3, 1856, and his son, Thomas Bennett McIntire, March 8, 1808 – June 27, 1886.  Someone thought them important enough to keep until this year when they were eventually sold at auction.  It is quite amazing to think that I am now the proud owner of this history.

When Ritchey and I were in Fleming County on Saturday we tried to find Johnson’s Fork Presbyterian Cemetery where Aaron McIntire, Mary McIntire and John McIntire are buried.  We searched but it could not be found.  Ancestry gives the direction of ‘two miles north of Elizaville’.  We drove northeast on Hwy 170 but could find nothing.  Another day we will go to Fleming County Library or the historical society and get proper directions.  We did find the gravestones for James A. and Nancy Catherine McIntire, and their son Oscar W. and his wife Pearl Planck McIntire in Evergreen Hill Cemetery in nearby Flemingsburg.  I will save those photos for another day.  I’m in the process of going through McIntire wills, deeds and other information from Fleming County.  There is much information on this McIntire family.

I’m sure Donna didn’t realize quite how happy I would be with her birthday gift, or what a great genealogy adventure it has been!  Can she top this next year?  We’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Or can you top it for her on her next birthday? Quite a find and the ideal gift for you.

    Hannah ( met you in Owensboro KY summer of 2017)

    • Hi, I did some checking on the cemetery … from my hospital bed here in California! It may be aka:
      Bruce Cemetery
      Flemingsburg, KY 41041
      38.447653, -83.820587

      Highway 170 N of Elizaville 2miles. turn W (L) on;
      Unnamed Farm Road
      at the intersection
      38.443144, -83.819891

      Then R turn at “T”, Lazy Oaks Lane, & go 1430 feet to tree on left and where the road jogs to the right. From there it looks like the cemetery may be in the grove of trees in the field off to the R. ? ?That’s where I’d look.
      Happy hunting. BTW, my “people” were the Sellers Family from Lurgan PA that settled in Lancaster, Stanford, Ruddel’s Station, etc. in 1785 to 1830. Fun article! Thanks.

  2. My ole eyes deceived me this morning. My mind read “recipes” and I got excited.

    Do you have a very old recipe you can publish that would translate to today that you would share with us?

    Many thanks; and always appreciate and enjoy your post.


  3. Any McIntire information adds to my collection even though mine are in Washington and Hardin County. Still trying to find proof that Susan McIntire Harl was the daughter of Josiah and Lucy Thomas McIntire. Josiah does not name Susan in his will – any help will be appreciated.

  4. The only problem is that I will never be able to top that gift! I couldn’t wait to give it to you!

  5. Hello Mrs Brown, I found this article quite interesting. I have been trying to tie up some loose ends in my family tree. The receipts that you received from your sister were awesome and may help provide a clue to my missing link. My father was born in the Elizaville/Hilltop area of Fleming County, KY. His father was Joseph Michael McIntyre Jr b: 1898 youngest son of Joseph Michael McIntyre Sr b: 1847 whose wife was Sarah (Sally) Brown b: 1858. His father was James Bradford McIntyre b: 1824 in KY. I have been unable to identify who his parents were. Seeing the receipt from Charles Bradford for Daniel Bradford paid by Aaron McIntire seems like too much of a coincidence. The McIntyre name seems to have been interchanged with the McIntire spelling as well as many others. Another twist to this story is that James Bradfords wife Dorinda m: 1844 was married once before (1836) and had 2-3 children (William, John, Anna) with her first husband James H. Duffy(sp). Her maiden name on the marriage record was McIntire. Her parents appear to be William b: 1774 and Mary McIntire from VA/WV. Williams father was William McIntire Sr b: 1750 and Elizabeth Shepherd b: 1753. In several records William Sr is listed as killed by Indians at Limestone currently Maysville KY around 1792-3. Although that is disputed by his will of 1782 that indicates that he was ill at that time and lists his father Nicholas McIntire and father-in-law David Shepherd as his co-executors. My wife and I also tried to find the Johnson’s Fork Cemetery while visiting the area. I believe that we were very close to the location. The left turn appears that you are entering a farm. You cross over a bridge over the creek and come to a “T” intersection. You can see a farm house up on the left. We should have gone right at this point but we thought that we may be on someone’s private property so we turned around and left. I remember a story my father had told me about one of his trips back to the area. He was back in the holler when he was stopped by a man holding a gun. The man asked him what he was doing there. My father responded that he was looking for his family farm. The man looked my father up and down and said, “you’re a McIntyre, aren’t you?” My father responded yes, I am, how’d you know? The man said, you McIntyre’s all look alike. The interesting part of the story was that my father’s mother Laura Bell Mitchell McIntyre died when my father was 8 years old in 1944. His father moved the family to Connersville, IN to find work. My father was in his 40’s when the man recognized him as a McIntyre. I’m hoping that your research into Aaron McIntire will help me answer some questions that I have. I have found James Bradford’s burial site but have been unable to locate Dorinda or her parents William and Mary Huffman or Hoffman. They were all in the Elizaville/Hilltop/Battle Run area. I did find mention of a burial site on a McIntire family farm where a couple of local doctors are buried but I do not see it listed on Find a Grave. Thank you in advance for any information you may provide.

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