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1853-1903 Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Goff – Daviess County

The Messenger Inquirer, Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky

Sunday, April 5, 1903

A Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Goff, two of the most highly respected old people of the county, celebrated their golden wedding last Sunday at their beautiful country home near Sorgho.  They are a wonderfully preserved couple.  Mr. Goff is seventy-six years old, but is as active as most men who are twenty years younger.  Mrs. Goff is sixty-eight and has lost but little of the grace and none of the cheerful brightness of her former years.  Mr. Goff was born at Taylorsville, Kentucky, and Mrs. Goff, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Onan, at New Castle, Kentucky, both removing to Daviess County in their youth.  On the morning of March 29, 1853, they mounted their horses, accompanied by a number of their friends, who adopted the same mode of travel, and rode to St. Alphonsus Church, where their lives were united and their destines made one.  It was a happy wedding and was followed by a happy married life.  They have always lived on the farm they now occupy, and will make it their home until they are called from earth.  They have three daughters, Mrs. J. I. Molohar, of Henderson; Mrs. Edward Stiff, of Calhoun, and Miss Edna Goff of Sorgho, and three sons, Mr. T. S. Goff, of Aveline Kansas, and Messrs. Robert and Sid Goff of Sorgho.  The celebration of their golden wedding was not elaborate, only their children and a few of their neighbors being in attendance, but the presents received were numerous and handsome.  Both declared that they enjoyed their fiftieth wedding anniversary with as much zest as they did their first, which was not doubted by any of

those who saw them as they caressed and smiled upon each other.

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