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Captain Tilford Crittenden Edwards – McCracken County

Captain Tilford Crittenden Edwards, Co G, 3 KY Inf, CSA.  Mount Kenton Cemetery, Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky.

Captain Tilford Crittenden Edwards was a difficult man to trace.  His gravestone was recently placed in Mount Kenton Cemetery in Paducah, his final resting place unmarked for many years.  Tilford was born in 1816; I have seen Christian County as his place of birth, but have no proof.  The first census in which I find Tilford is the 1850 in Graves County.  T. C. Edwards is 32, wife Sarah, is 23, and daughter M. E. is 5.  The dates fit quite nicely for the three people I know to be a part of this family.

In the Marshall County marriage records I found Martin Woods, a resident of Marshall County, aged 22, born in Randolph, North Carolina, married Mary E. Edwards, also a resident of Marshall County, aged 15, was born in Graves County.  Names of parents were not listed.  In the next year’s census, 1860 Marshall County, T. C. Edwards, 44 and S. Edwards lived in one household.  Newly weds Martin, 24, and M. E. also lived in the county.

By 1870 both families were in McCracken County.  Tilford, 48, was a grocer, Sallie was 43.  In their household also lived Joana Woods, 11, and Bettie Casey, 21.  In the Woods household were Martin, 32, a farmer; Mary E., 25; Susanna, 11; Johanna, 8; Mary, 6; Martha, 5; Sarah, 3; and Laura B., 1/12.  It is possible that the Johanna in both households is the same girl, even though there is an age discrepancy of three years.

The Paducah Sun, McCracken County, Kentucky

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

In the 1880 census for McCracken County Tilford is listed as jailer.  He is 63, Sarah 53.  Living with them are grandchildren Texie Woods, 18; and Josiah A. Woods, 15.  Also in the household was nephew Crit Jones.

Tilford Crittenden Edwards died February 1, 1888.  Sarah Edwards lived another five years and is probably buried beside her husband, but there is no stone to mark her final resting place.

Any thoughts?

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