Gravestone Photos From St. Rose Catholic Church and Cemetery – Washington County

Photos were taken July 29, 2017, at St. Rose Catholic Church and Cemetery, located east of Springfield.  Take US150 north and turn left onto Hwy 152.  The church and cemetery is just down the road on the right.  These are older stones.  I have enhanced them for easier reading.

Teresa Blandford, born October 23, 1808, died December 18, 1876.

Elizabeth, wife of Henry McIntire, born July 4, 1810, died October 7, 1876, aged 66 years, 3 months, 3 days.

John S. Carrico, born March 10, 1791, died February 17, 1865.

J. S. Smith, November 27, 1833 – May 2, 1909.  Theresa A., wife of J. S. Smith, October 8, 1840 – April 6, 1866.

Francis Austin Mudd, born October 29, 1801, died May 19, 1875.  Charity, daughter of Sterling Robertson & wife of F. A. Mudd.

Daniel McAllister, born September 1793, died December 25, 1865.

Daniel Kelly, born in the county Fermanagh, Ireland, died February 4, 1873, in the 85th year of his age.

Eli Adams, born June 5, 1787, died December 3, 1872.

Stephen Smith, born December 22, 1802, died July 16, 1867.

Edward Thompson, born November 26, 1800, died April 10, 1886.

Saint Rose Priory.  Founded, 1806, by Fr. Fenwick from Maryland.  First Dominican religious house and second oldest priory in the U.S.  Site of first Catholic college west of the Alleghenies, 1807.  St. Thomas School here, 1809-1828.  Jefferson Davis, later President of Confederacy, student, 1815-1816.  In 1822 Fr. Wilson founded first community of Dominican Sisters in U.S.  Present church built, 1852.


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  1. What a beautiful church. I must visit on my next trip to visit family in Lexington. I find it amazing that it was built in the “outback” of Kentucky 170 years ago.

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