Family Stories

Abstracts of Old Nelson County, Kentucky, Newspapers

Taken from Thursday, December 5, 1889


The infant child of Ignatius Smith died Sunday of diphtheria.

An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shehan died last Sunday of cholera infantum.

W. Q. Troutman of Boston area died Monday of typhoid fever.

Nelson County Schools:

School No. 5 Woodlawn:  The teacher is Miss Sudie Nantz.  This is her first public school.  She attended the Normal School taught in Bardstown during the past summer taught by Professor Roof.  The house is log and cannot be said to be in good condition, though it is comfortable.  The trustees are W. H. Dodson, James Marshall and W. B. Greer.  The following pupils have been enrolled:  Lizzie Dodson, Katie Dodson, Irene Portorf, Emma Higdon, Bertha Marks, Charlie Marshall, Burr Greer, Joseph Orkies, Jasper Roberts, Tom Johnson, Lee Dickerson, John Borders, Lillie Marks, Mary Marks, Lizzie Lindsey, Mary Breeden, George Dodson, Hugh Marshall, Burr Rhodes, Hiner Orkies, Nicholas Roberts, Willie Johnson, Sam Greer, John Higdon, Mattie Roberts, Sallie Orkies, Mary Higdon, Emma Breeden, Fletcher Dodson, Logan Marshall, Herman Cotton, Charlie Roberts, Lem Roberts, Lindsey Dodson, Colie Humphrey, Charlie Borders, Walter Breeden.

School No. 6, Stringtown School:  It is being taught by E. O. Evans who is teaching his first school.  The school house is new, having been built 2 years ago.  It is dressed weatherboarding, well painted and furnished with patent desks.  The trustees are Isaac Bryant, Hayne Bryant and Frank Tucker.  The following pupils have been enrolled:  Katie Bryant, Roberta Bryant, Lewis Bryant, Rubel Bryant, Harley Tucker, Wash Tucker, Henry Sutherland, Sam Colter, Annie Colter, Nannie Colter, Guy Tucker, Minnie James, Gus James, Lillie James, Proctor Hayden, Willie Smith, Ursula Smith, Lewis Smith, Owen Sweeney, Jennie Bryant, Brac Bryant, May Bryant, Ernest Linton, Ed Beam, May Reddicks, Ira Brown, Ora Brown.

School No. 7, Murray Run School:  It is being taught by S. J. Smock.  the house has recently been put in excellent repair and furnished with desks.  The trustees are Joseph Hart, Samuel Evans and S. P. Stiles.  Enrollment of the pupils are as follows:  Huston Stiles, Lizzie Stiles, Bell Evans, Birdie Evans, Lottie Evans, Lizzie Evans, Ike Evans, Sam Evans, Birdie Osborne, Lelia Neal, Lulia Hart, Lila Hart, Rachel Hart, Edgar Hart, Charlie Hart, Tom Conley, Marion Beaven, Virgil Thomas, Etta Dupin, Collens Dupin, Matt Neal, Daisy Lilly, Ella Wellington, Alice Wellington, Louis Stiles, Charlie Neal, Hugh Neal, William Wayne, Charlies Wellington, Lizzie Graham, John Graham, Ora Thomas, Lynch Terrell, George Gibbs, Liddie Gibbs, Earl King, Burnie King, Ike Tichenor.

Marriage licenses have been issued to:

F.G. Neale of Nelson County and Miss Sallie B. Russell of Washington County.

Will Spalding of Cox’s Creek and Miss Serena Coomes of Hunter’s Depot were married at St. Joseph’s Church Thursday.

Charles Hall of Botland and Miss Ella Fowler, daughter of Gabe Fowler of Samuel’s Depot, were married at the home of the bride’s father yesterday by Rev. Jacob E. Keller of the Lutheran Church.

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