Dr. John Linton – Married!

Left to right – James O. Crosby, Colonel Carpenter, Dr. John Linton, Governor William Larrabee.  Taken in Rome, Italy.

Note by Phyllis Brown:  Dr. John Linton was the son of Benjamin Franklin Linton, the grandson of Captain John Linton.  He was a doctor to the Indians who lived in Iowa.  He requested at his death that a mound be built over his grave, a copy of the Indian conicals.  This was done at the time, but destroyed in later generations.  Now all that remains to honor his memory is a small marble marker. 
Unfortunately, what started as a very promising marriage, ended in divorce.  After the death of Dr. John, Mary sued his estate in petition for her dower.  The case was taken to the Supreme Court of Iowa, and she won her case.  The hope of a serene future, mentioned below, was desperately untimely in this instance!

The Clayton County Journal, June, 1861:

At Garnavillo, June 2, 1861, by the Reverend Mr. Porter – Dr. J. Linton to Mrs. Mary A. McCraney, all of the above place.  He is gone, another friend has departed the life of single blessedness, has broken the phalanx of bacherlordom.  He will be missed from the ranks.  Tears will be shed for his desertion.  But when we consider his inestimable worth to society, his jovial and convivial spirit, and remember the lady whom he has selected for a life partner is also endowed with those same social qualities that add a luster and a charm to society – we need not mourn.  Let us hope that like the sky of Italy their future may be ever serene, that no clouds of adversity may ever overshadow them.  June 9th, at the residence of the bride’s father.

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