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Death of Mrs. Janes

Note by Phyllis Brown:  Mary Jane Edwards Janes is sitting in the fourth chair from the left.  On her right is my great-great-grandmother Catherine Elizabeth Taylor Linton (her mother was Susan Edwards – sister to Mary Jane).  On her left is her sister Sarah Edwards, who never married.  My great-grandmother, Frances Barber Linton Montgomery, is the first person on the far left, with her husband, Robert E. Lee Montgomery, and their four daughters.  My grandmother, Mary Alice Montgomery, is standing directly in front of her father.  The others are assorted Linton-Taylor-Edwards relatives.
From The  Springfield Sun:

At Ninety-One Years of Age – Died Last Thursday

Mrs. Mary Jane Janes, perhaps the oldest person in Washington County, died last Thursday, December 28, of acute indigestion, aged ninety-one years, her birthday being Wednesday, December 27 – the day before she died.  The deceased was a devout member of the Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church, and in the absence of the pastor, Rev. Williams of the Baptist Church delivered the funeral discourse, burial occurring in the cemetery at Pleasant Grove on last Friday.

Mrs. Janes was born in Virginia, but came to Kentucky and settled in this county eighty-nine years ago.  Her husband died twenty-six years ago.  The deceased had no children of her own but had spent her life in caring for the orphan children of friends and relatives.  This characteristic perhaps more accurately than any other depicts the beautiful life of the departed one.  Her whole heart and soul went out in sympathy to the orphan, and tenderly she cared for them.  Truly, she was a good woman.

Mrs. Janes leaves quite a number of relatives in Washington County and elsewhere who regret exceedingly her death.  She was an aunt of Mrs. T. P. O’Bryan, of this place.

From The Springfield New Leader:

Good Woman Gone

Mrs. Mary Janes, one of the county’s oldest residents, died after a short illness at the home of Mr. Barber Clarkson, a short distance in the county on last Thursday, December 28th.  Mrs. Janes was on a little visit to the Clarkson home when she was stricken and died after two days of suffering.  She lived on her farm about three miles north of Springfield with the family of her nephew, Mr. Edgar Linton.  Aunt Mary Janes, was born in Loudoun County, Virginia, December 27, 1814.  She, with her parents, came to Kentucky in the fall of 1816.  When only seventeen she married J. K. Janes, who was an invalid for many years before his death which occurred in 1879.  Unto this union no children were born, but with willing hands they cared for and reared two orphan children, one a niece of Aunt Mary’s, the other a niece of Uncle Kell Janes, and she has helped to rear their children to the third generation.  She was a member of Pleasant Grove Church.  She lived to the good old age of ninety-one years and one day.  Mrs. Janes was a noble woman full of charitable deeds, ever ready to help others.  Her maiden name was Edwards and she was an aunt of Mr. Ben Edwards and the Misses Edwards.

The funeral took place at Pleasant Grove on Saturday.  Rev. Miles Saunders, her old pastor was expected to preach the funeral sermon, but owing to feeble health was unable to come and Rev. W. H. Williams officiated in his stead.

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  1. Then we are related, rather closely too…Robert E. Lee Montgomery was my great-uncle.
    Myself → Joseph Scott Lanham (my father)→ Mary Huston Rudd (his mother)→ Louise Mary Rudd (Montgomery) her mother→
    Robert E. Lee Montgomery (her brother)

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