John Wesley Linton – Emma Adelaide Proctor

John Wesley Linton and Emma Adelaide Proctor Linton are buried in Pleasant Run Methodist Church Cemetery in Logan County, Kentucky.  They lived their entire lives in Logan County, except for the war years during which John served as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War.  He was a young, hopeful 18-year-old when he enlisted, and when he returned, a veteran of Company D, 2nd Kentucky Regiment, he had experienced the deaths of his fellow comrades, imprisonment and the brutality of war.  Upon his return to Logan County, John planted trees for each one of his fellow soldiers who were killed, in memory of those who did not make it home.

John Wesley Linton was born 14 Nov 1843 to Benjamin Burkette Linton and Nancy Jane Newman.  John was the oldest of 11 children.  His siblings were Thomas Alvey, James Newman, Lucy Ann, Susan C., Benjamin Franklin, Fountain P., Adeline, Louella C, George William and Lillian Mae Linton.  The Linton’s are descendants of Captain John Linton, who served in the Revolutionary War, and Ann Nancy Mason.  In 1818 the Captain and his family moved from Loudoun County, Virginia, to Washington County, Kentucky.  And many of his descendants moved further west in Kentucky, and eventually to Missouri and beyond.

Emma Adelaide Proctor was born in 1850.  She and John married after the war, 11 Nov 1869.  They had 5 children:  Benjamin Proctor, John Warder, James Thomas, Lucy N. and Hugh Walter Linton.

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