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Today In Genealogy History – July 14, 2012

Mary Polly Yarbrough and John Murphy were married 217 years ago – July 14, 1795 – in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  Mary was the daughter of Randolph Yarbrough and Mary Bailey.  Mary and John had 8 children:  Elizabeth, William, James, Hardin, Jane, Joseph, John and Lucy Murphy.  The portion of Lincoln County they lived in became Garrard County in 1797.  Several of their children – or their spouses – were involved in the Hill-Evans feud.

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  1. Always interested in any Murphy families. There are too many of them and I have not figured them all out yet. Were they Catholic (Murphey) or Protestant (Murphy)? Mine was the latter and I am still trying to get them out of the state of Kentucky. They jumped here from one of the colonies, but which one?

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