Family Stories

Tidbits From The Newspaper

This little piece was saved by my great-grandmother, Frances Barber Linton Montgomery.  The obituary of her mother, Catherine Elizabeth Taylor Linton, is listed as one of the news items for that week.  Catherine was the daughter of John Cotton Taylor and Susan Clark Edwards, both Washington County pioneers who moved from Loudoun County, Virginia.  As noted, three children were left to mourn her, my great-grandmother being the youngest.  Catherine was married to Edward Edwards Linton on March 23, 1852.  He preceded her to the grave by 24 years – dying September 5, 1886, as did four daughters:  Margaret Gordon Linton, March 16, 1864 – May 17, 1865; Martha Susan Linton, March 14, 1873 – January 25, 1876; Annie Eliza Linton, December 8, 1860 – April 29, 1879; and Mary Kell Linton, March 16, 1870 – February 15, 1890.  They are all buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

This was saved by my mother from a 2006 Springfield Sun.  Rue Carrico was my grandfather.  Unfortunately he died when I was four, and I have no memories of him.  Mom says that he loved to garden – and that he did it well!  Proof is in the green beans!

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