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Marriages From Washington County, Kentucky

This is one of my finds at the Washington County Clerk’s Office years ago.  As you can tell the title of the page is Orders – Fiscal Court – but quite plainly this is a list of marriage bonds – although they are not in chronological order.  The reason for my choosing this particular page is the very last entry – Horatio Mudd who married Martha Powell on May 26, 1823.  In a different handwriting it is noted that Martha was the widow of Charles Powell.  Martha was the daughter of Captain John Linton and Ann Nancy Mason.  She was married while still living in Loudoun County, Virginia, before the family moved to Kentucky.  Captain Charles Edward Powell  fought in the War of 1812 and died in Maryland, November 22, 1814, nine months after their daughter, Mary Edwards Powell, was born.  Was he away at war when she was born?  Did he ever see her?  Mother and daughter moved with the family four years later to make a new life in Washington County.  Horatio Mudd was the son of Hezekiah Mudd and Elizabeth Edelen, born in Maryland, the family being part of the Catholic Maryland to Kentucky migration during the last several years of the 18th century.  Horatio and Martha had five children:  Charles William, Hezekiah, Nicholas, Thomas and Mary Mildred Mudd.  The oldest of the children was only eight years old at the death of their parents – Horatio in 1834 and Martha in 1836.  I believe most of the children moved to Missouri after they reached adulthood.

 May 16, 1822 – Leonard Nally married Maria McBride, d/o Ann McBride, who gave consent May 16, 1822.  Teste. Charles Bolds and Jeremiah Bolds.  Surety:  Jeremiah Bolds.

April 19, 1822 – Jonathan  B. Walker married Mary Wheatley, April 21, 1822, by Father S. L.. Montgomery, d/o Edward Wheatley who gave consent on April19, 1822.  Teste. to consent William Wheatley and Jane Wheatley.  Surety:  William Wheatley.

November 13, 1822 – John Simpson married Elizabeth Sally, November 19, 1822, by John Harding, consent of Susan Sally, guardian of the bride on November 13, 1822.  Teste.  William Gabhart and Abram Sally.  Surety:  Abram Sally.

December 21, 1822 – Thomas B. Hays married Polly McDonald, ward of William Willis, who gave consent December 20, 1822. Teste. to consent, Joseph McDonald and James McDonald.  Surety:  Joseph McDonald.

December 16, 1822 – Charles Farris married Belinda Morgan, d/o Vincent Morgan, who gave consent December 16, 1822. Teste. N. H. Dedushaw.  Surety:  Vincent Morgan.

September 19, 1823 – Hugh Jeffries married Fanny Walker, September 25, 1823, by Joel Gordon.  Surety:  John Walker, guardian of the bride.

September 9, 1823 – Levi Ridge married Eliza Robertson, September 9, 1823, by Thomas Cleland.  Surety:  William Smith.

January 17, 1823 – Charles Cooper married Susanna Mills, Margaret Cooper made oath December 30, 1822, before Richard Forrest, J. P. W. C., that the bride would be 24 years of age on September next.  Bride gave her own consent on January 16, 1823.  Teste. Stephen Barker and Charles S. Cosby.  Surety:  Stephen C. Barker.

February 13, 1823 – Thomas Head married Mrs. Margaret Caldwell, February 20, 1823, by Barnabus McHenry.  Surety:  John Hughes, Jr.

March 8, 1823 – William M. Sampson married Frances Lynch, March 13, 1823, by Joel Gordon.  Consent of Elijah Lynch, relationship not stated.  Teste.  Robert C. Sadler and Charles Brown.  Surety:  Charles Brown.

Mary 26, 1823 – Horatio Mudd married Mrs. Martha Powell, widow of Charles Powell.  Surety:  Lewis Layton.

No Bond – Francis Perry married Mary Abell, February 11, 1823, by H. Chandler.

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  1. Thank you for posting these marriage bonds on the Internet. I have been searching and searching for the marriage of William M. Sampson and Luvicia (Lavisa) for some time. I didn’t know Lavisa’s maiden name and now I have her full name and another generation because her father was the one who gave consent for the marriage, and her brother-in-law Chafin Brown was the surety. Thank you!

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