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Lost and Found Photos

Again I have four photos for you – four unknown names.  Perhaps you may know one of these people.  The first gentleman has very arresting eyes – it was the first thing I noticed about the photo – and a lovely flowing mustache!  Ritchey used to have one!  This gentleman’s tie is interesting – not your dull, solid colored tie, but a brightly patterned one that looks like silk.  I see this man as a financier – but that is only my fanciful imagination talking – no proof.  This photo was taken by James Wark in Kent, Ohio.

This lady has her hair drawn back from her face rather severely, except for the mop of curls on her forehead – not conformed to convention, but allowed to sprawl at will.  Her dress is quite lovely – again I love the pattern!  Notice the black lace on the bodice from the sleeves towards the center of the dress, and also on the collar.  Her cameo brooch is quite lovely.  Ritchey gave me a cameo necklace for my wedding gift.  This photo was taken by Reimanns & Co. Photo, opposite Mohawk Bridge, Central Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Quite a dapper young gentleman!  His hair is pomaded, and look at the pin on his tie.  It almost looks like the head of something – perhaps a dog?  And he has a clip through the button hole of his coat, holding something, but I can’t quite tell what it is.  This photo was made at Wheat Studios, 107 North Church Street, Rockford, Illinois.

What about this lovely lady – her many buttons are fascinating!  I love the ruffle at her neck that continues down the upper part of her dress.  Her pin is a crescent moon with a star dangling from it.  It is secured by a small chain and pin – it must be a piece well-cherished.  Unfortunately there is not a name of studio or place this photo was taken.  Do you think she looks like a school teacher?

I hope you enjoy these glimpses into the past!

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