Clarence Gore Tewmey Obituary


from The Harrodsburg Sayings, Mercer County, Kentucky

Wednesday, October 3, 1900

Clarence Gore, the bright little boy of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Tewmey, died Saturday evening, at 8 o’clock, at his parents’ residence near town.  For several weeks he battled heroically with typhoid fever, and all that skilled physicians, fond parents and loving friends could do for the little sufferer, was in vain.  A white-winged angel from above had softly called his name – his infant baby brother who dwelt in Paradise.

When he entered the silent homestead, and kissed his death-damp brow, One of the watchers whispered, “The struggle is over now.”

Like the dews of early morning, that melt in the golden sun.  His mission on earth was ended, before it was fairly begun.

Who can comfort the fond young parents, whose hearts are wrung with pains.  As well as the heavenly Father, who has “called him back again”.

He was welcomed by dear grand-father, and his aunt, who had gone before.  Where he will watch and wait their coming, to that blissful, beautiful shore.

His funeral service was appropriately conducted by Rev. H. P. Atkins, at the residence at 8 o’clock p.m., Sunday, and a large concourse of sympathizing friends accompanied the remains to Spring Hill Cemetery where he was tenderly consigned to mother earth in the beautiful city of the dead to await the resurrection.

Clarence G., March 6, 1895 – September 29, 1900, son of W. B. and Emma Tewmey

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