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Today In Genealogy History – December 18, 2012

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!

December 18th

Washington County, Kentucky

Jonathan Payne married Elizabeth Ray 18 Dec 1799
Samuel Dodds married Rachel Rinehart 18 Dec 1804
Daniel Thornberry married Rebecca Ray 18 Dec 1810
Thomas H. Hamilton married Elizabeth Clements 18 Dec 1811
John Cocke married Sally Brothers 18 Dec 1813
James T. Hatton married Lydia Gillehan 18 Dec 1823
Thomas McCarty married Polly Inman 18 Dec 1823
Jonathan Young married Belinda Hilton 18 Dec 1823
Hardin Gregory married Sarah Jett 18 Dec 1826
John Beaven married Mary D. Beaven 18 Dec 1827
William Crume married Jane Goodrum 18 Dec 1827
William Averitt married Sarah Glaisbrooks 18 Dec 1829
David Morgan married Eliza Jane Dennis 18 Dec 1829
James Morris married Peggy Williams 18 Dec 1833
P. Head married Caroline Lawson 18 Dec 1834
Patrick Hood married Caroline Lawson 18 Dec 1834
Archibald Sweeney married Frances Robertson 18 Dec 1834
Michael Nave married Sarah Anderson 18 Dec 1839
James Hardesty married Elizabeth Chesser 18 Dec 1843
Pendleton Purcell married Martha Moran 18 Dec 1847
Harrison Leachman married Emily J. Short 18 Dec 1848
John Shoemaker married Sarah E. Rice 18 Dec 1850
David Green married Elizabeth E. Miller 18 Dec 1853
Thomas P. Moore married Elizabeth Grigsby 18 Dec 1855
John R. Reynolds married Eliza J. Lewis 18 Dec 1856
William M. Prather married Arthusa Prather 18 Dec 1862
James H. Tucker married Sue G. Maxwell 18 Dec 1862
Joseph D. Shaunty married Nannie Beam 18 Dec 1866
Richard Mitchell married Mary Jane Childs 18 Dec 1867
William B. Carey married Mary Jane Moore 18 Dec 1868
Dorman Chesser, Jr., married Sylvia Huff 18 Dec 1868
J. H. Johnson married Mrs. Annie Riney 18 Dec 1870
William R. Logan married Irene Milton 18 Dec 1872
James Bottoms married Emma Watts 18 Dec 1873
Peter W. Brown married Buena Vista Gallagher 18 Dec 1873
J. B. Call married Eliza D. Crook 18 Dec 1873
Samuel Long married Permelia Sea 18 Dec 1879
Daniel F. Moore married Martha A. Baker 18 Dec 1883
John H. Davis married Mary F. Smith 18 Dec 1884
George Yates married Lettie Barber 18 Dec 1884
James M. Brown married Josie A. Wells 18 Dec 1887
Charles B. Jefferies married Maggie E. Leachman 18 Dec 1888
Richard Carey married Arnaithis Perkins 18 Dec 1892
Mark Dedman married Ida E. Tatham 18 Dec 1892

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  1. The McCarty’s of Washington & Marion Cos. is my Maternal Ancestry line. Thomas was my 3rd Gt. Uncle, his brother Joseph being my 3rd. Gt. Grandfather. They were the sons of Justin & Mary McCarty. There are many unknowns & incorrect information as to actually what happened to Thomas & Polly.
    Would love to find the truth as to what happened to them.
    Thomas McCarty married Polly Inman

    18 Dec 1823

    • Judy, I have checked a few sources for your McCarty’s. In The Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky, which is a collection of newspaper articles and other writings, it lists:

      Justin McCarty, born 1757; enlisted for one year and nine months in 1776 in the State of Pennsylvania and continued in the service until 1781; discharged at Falls Point, Baltimore; in Battle of Long Island and Brandy. Keeps a little A.B.C. School in Washington County, Kentucky, in 1820; has wife and 9 children, 3 of whom are married.

      Also found Thomas McCarty married Polly Inman December 18, 1823. Joseph McCarty married Maria Mercer March 4, 1824.

      No McCarty’s listed in the 1850 census.

      There is a Patrick McCarty inventory 15 Dec 1869 24 Jan 1870 and adm/settlement 19 Jan 1870 – 28 Feb 1870.

      I hope this helps!

  2. I have been to Washington & Marion Cos., many times I think I have copied everything on the family that has been printed and on records there. The McCarty’s or at least after Marion Co was formed, are documented in Marion Co. 1850 & after…I have found most collateral families, Sparrow, Webb, Mercer, Milburn, Inman, Goode, Dorsey, Cape, Hays [Hayse], Jarbo[e], Kelly,Devine, Kinnett, Myers, Neighbors, Nelson, Orr, Pullman, Purdom, Seamster, Simpson, Turpin, Thorp [e], Walls, and many etc., that Justin McCary’s children married into… Just have alot of loose ends. From my research, I have a general idea of where Justin McCarty’s “plantation’ was, and know that a partial list of what I believe is the families burial grounds are, but changed name over the years to the Old Hourigan Cemetery is. I’ve came to the conclusion this is actually Justin’s families burial grounds, because all the documented burials are Justins children, spouses and his grandchildren. I only hope to be able to find it on my next visit there!!! I believe it is in the area of Lick Run Rd. Hopefully, someone will see this and help me out, I’ve been searching for almost 15 years for this known burial ground! Joseph McCarty & his 2nd. wife Theresa Tharp [Thorp] is my line. Theresa was married 4 times, Joseph being her 2nd. husband, her last husband was John Devine. In the Lebanon Interprise Newspaper, her obituary states she lived to be 107 years old! I’m amazed and proud of everything my Gt.Gt.Gt. Grandmother seen, did, and survived in her life!

    • Judy, I have my Kentucky Counties Map for Marion County in front of me. I have located Lick Run Road in the northeast corner of the county. From Hwy 68 you turn on Hourigan’s Lane, a left on Poplar Corner Road and a right onto Lick Run Road. This map shows all the cemeteries of the county, even the small family cemeteries. The two closest are Pleasant Run Church and Mayes Chapel. I see no cemetery without a small church with it. In the area is also St. Bruno’s Church Cemetery – the church no longer stands, but the cemetery is still there – I’ve been there and taken photos. Was your family Catholic? How did you find information about the Old Hourigan Cemetery? Does it say exactly where it is?

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