W. T. Ewing Obituary

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, April 6, 1923

The entire community was grieved and shocked by the death last Saturday evening of Mr. W. T. Ewing.  He had spent the week at his business in town, apparently as well as usual, and arose Saturday morning in his usual health.  When he did not return from the barn at breakfast time Mrs. Ewing went to look for him and found he had suffered a stroke of apoplexy.  She got him to the house with difficulty and summoned a physician who remained at his bedside all day, but in spite of all efforts he succumbed just after dusk.

Mr. Ewing was the son of the late Joe Ewing, a Mexican War veteran.  His mother was before her marriage Miss Sarah Marimon, and he comes of splendid pioneer stock.  Educated as a lawyer, he gave that up to enter the newspaper field and for a while edited the old Springfield Leader.  He also owned and edited a paper in Burgin, and a farmer’s paper in Harrodsburg.  For some years past he had successfully engaged in the real estate business and was devoting his time to this when he passed away.  His funeral was held at the residence near town on Frankfort Pike, Monday morning, conducted by his pastor, Rev. J. J. Rice, of Danville.  The interment was at Spring Hill Cemetery.  He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Lena Hudson Ewing and a stepson, Mr. Ralph Terhune.  The heartfelt sympathy of all goes out to Mrs. Ewing, who within six weeks has lost by death three of her loved ones:  her sister, Mrs. I. G. Jackson, her father, Mr. Robert Hudson, and now her husband.  She is the last of her family.  Several out of town people were here to attend the obsequies, among them his cousin, Mr. T. S. Marimon, and Messrs. Howard and Fred Forsythe, of Lexington.

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