Linton Graves at Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery



Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church is an older church located in Washington County, Kentucky.  It was begun in 1833 – on land given by my 4th gr-grandfather, Captain John Hancock Linton, who brought his family to Kentucky in 1818 from Loudoun County, Virginia.  Linton’s have lived in this area for quite awhile since that time, but I think they have all died out or moved on by now.  Frances Barber Linton Montgomery, a great-granddaughter of the captain, died in 1945.  She was the last of her family.  Her parents and brother and sisters are buried at Pleasant Grove.  In her possessions was found the receipt for the gravestones for all of them.  If you ever wanted to know the cost of a tombstone in 1922, you now have the chance!


For $500 Frances’ sister Alice purchased one large stone for the parents and smaller stones for the siblings.


Edward Edwards Linton, 1824-1886, his wife, Catherine Elizabeth Taylor, 1830-1910


Mary Kell Linton, 1871-1890


Annie Elizabeth Linton, 1859-1879


John Edgar Linton, 1857-1919


Alice Clark Linton, 1855-1935

There are two babies who died young, Margaret Gordon Linton, March 16, 1864 – May 17, 1865; and Martha Susan Linton, March 14, 1873 – January 25, 1876.  No stones mark their graves.  They may possibly be buried in the old Linton Cemetery just a few miles up the road – sharing a resting place with the captain!

My great-grandmother Frances lived until 1945 – ten years more than the rest of her family.  She and husband Robert E. Lee Montgomery are buried in St. Dominic Cemetery.  An entire family buried within 5 miles of each other!

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  1. Thank you for the information and histories. Nathan Janes and Susan Goatley are ancestors of mine. Planning my ancestry trip this week to visit the church and gravesites!

  2. Can anyone give me an address for the Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church/Cemetery? I am trying to meet some distant relatives here in a couple days because my family is buried here and I am coming from Jefferson Co, KY and do not know exactly where I am going? Is there an exact address for this cemetery?

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