President Benjamin Harrison Gravestone


Benjamin Harrison was our 23rd president, serving from 1889-1893.  He was born in North Bend, Indiana, August 20, 1833, and died in Indianapolis, March 13, 1901.  He is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.    He was a lawyer and publicist, was colonel of the 70th Regiment Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War, was brevetted Brigadier General in 1865.  He served as a United States Senator from 1881-1887.


Notice the Sons of the American Revolution marker.  He was eligible through his distinguished great-grandfather, Benjamin Harrison V.


Benjamin married Caroline Lavinia Scott, daughter of the college president at Oxford, John Witherspoon Scott, a minister, who officiated at their wedding.


What I thought most interesting about Caroline Scott Harrison was that she was the first President General of the Daughters of the American Revolution!  Both were genealogists – perhaps they enjoyed it as much as we do!  She was born October 1, 1832 and died, October 25, 1892.

Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis is beautiful – many gorgeous trees and shrubs.  President Harrison’s burial site is almost at the top of the hill in the back of the cemetery.


Any thoughts?

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