Family Stories

Today In Genealogy History – April 23

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!

Washington County, Kentucky

William James married Martha Hamilton 23 Apr 1796
Bernard Brown married Ann Riney 23 Apr 1799
Thomas Simms married Eleanor Spalding 23 Apr 1800
William Ward married Jenny Vain 23 Apr 1802
Patrick Roney married Elizabeth Brothers 23 Apr 1805
Thomas Gregory married Sophia Milstead 23 Apr 1812
Thomas Scott married Christiana Landers 23 Apr 1812
William Yates married Mary Raley 23 Apr 1813
William Heaverin married Kitty Riggs 23 Apr 1816
Henry Buckman married Ann Simms 23 Apr 1824
John H. Mullican married Lucy Thomas 23 Apr 1826
Richard Lee married Margaret Beason 23 Apr 1827
John Sanders married Patsy Morgan 23 Apr 1829
Horatio Hobbs married Elizabeth Bartlett 23 Apr 1831
William Hardin married Mrs. Agnes W. Whitehead 23 Apr 1835
Johnsey Dorsey married Catherine Vaughn 23 Apr 1844
Asberry Lanham married Sarah L. Meadows 23 Apr 1846
William C. Bracken married Mary H. Champion 23 Apr 1850
James M. Cooper married Maranda Sutherland 23 Apr 1868
Leslie C. Rose married Lula M. Wilson 23 Apr 1885
R. L. Janes married Elizabeth Smith 23 Apr 1889
R. J. Crouch married Laura B. Crow 23 Apr 1891
John H. Runyan married Catherine D. McElroy 23 Apr 1891

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