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John B. Montague Biography

from Simpson County, Kentucky – Biographies

John B. Montague was born April 10, 1840, in Franklin, Simpson County, Kentucky.  He is the youngest of five sons and three daughters, six of whom lived to be grown, born to Henry B. and Elizabeth P. (Booker) Montague, natives of Spottsylvania County, Virginia, and Clark County, Kentucky, respectively.  Henry B. Montague was a saddler by trade.  He, with two brothers, immigrated to and settled in Barren County, Kentucky, about 1815.  Two years later he moved to Franklin and became one of its first settlers.  He purchased a lot from Joel Hudspeth, erected comfortable buildings, and remained in Franklin, engaged in the saddlery business during his life.  He was the first magistrate of the county, and represented it in the Legislature; was also circuit clerk of the county.  He owned the old home place, now owned by John B., on the south side of West Cedar Street, and the lot on which the Montague Building now stands, on the south side of Public Square, where he had his saddlery shop.  He was one of the first members of the Masonic fraternity at Franklin, and also a leading member of the Baptist Church.  He died in 1841.  Mrs. Elizabeth P. Montague was born in 1800, and died in 1878.  She was a member of the Baptist Church; was a daughter of William M. Booker, a native of Kentucky, who married Miss Frances Bullock.  He was a farmer, and came to Simpson County about 1812, from Clark County, Kentucky, and settled four miles west of Franklin.  John B. Montague’s grandfather (Montague) married a Miss Sallie Pemberton.  John B. Montague was reared in Franklin, and received a good English education; attended the commercial college at Louisville, and at the age of twenty-four engaged in the dry goods business, afterward in the grocery business, which he still follows.  For the past four or five years he has been engaged in various kinds of patents.  In 1870 he was appointed deputy sheriff, and served about fifteen months.  He has been secretary of the Agricultural and Mechanical Association since 1868, except about three years.  He owns two farms of about 300 acres of well improved land, and has an interest in two other farms containing about 300 acres.  Mr. Montague has been moderately successful in life, acquiring what he has mostly by his own industry.  He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and has been secretary of his lodge since 1863, with the exception of one year.  In politics he is a Democrat.

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