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George F. Coulter and Mary Elizabeth Crow Marry!

George F. Coulter and Mary Elizabeth Crow are my great-grandparents.  George was the son of William Coulter and Emeline White, born December 23, 1853, in Washington County, Kentucky.  Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of Mansfield Crow and Nancy Jane Coulter, born in September of 1856.  Both fathers fought during the Civil War.  George and Mary Elizabeth married March 26, 1874.  The following are their marriage license and certificate, and the approval of both mothers, their fathers both deceased by this time, due to war wounds.


The Commonwealth of Kentucky.  To any minister of the gospel, or any other person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony.  You are permitted to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between George F. Coulter and Mary E. Crow, the requirements of the law having been complied with.  Witness my signature as Clerk of the Washington County Court, this 25th day of March 1874.  W. F. Booker, Clerk, by C. W. Royalty, Deputy Clerk.


This is to Certify, That on the 26th day of March, 1874, the Rites of Matrimony were legally solemnized by me between George F. Coulter and Mary E. Crow at Harrison Coulter’s in the county of Washington in the presence of Marion Crow and Elizabeth Dean.  Signed Jesse S. Robinson.


To the Clerk of Washington County.  This is to certify that I do hereby authorize you to issue license between my son, George F. Coulter, and Elizabeth Crow, given under my hand, Emeline Coulter.  Attest:  Elisha White, Starling Coulter, William Coulter.


To the Clerk of Washington County, this is to certify that I do hereby authorize you to issue license between my daughter, Mary Elizabeth Crow, and George F. Coulter, given under my hand this March the 25th, 1874.  Nancy J. Crow.  Attest:  James Goff, Harrison Coulter, William Coulter.

George and Mary Elizabeth were married for 35 years before George passed away on December 2, 1909.  Mary Elizabeth lived on for another 31 years.  She died April 4, 1940, in Marion County, Kentucky.  They had 10 children:  Levi A., Cecilia A., Sarah L., William M., Speed D., Emeline, George W., Nannie Bell (my grandmother), Mattie M. and Prentice Coulter.

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  1. Do have any information on mary e. crows daughter emaline. this is my great grandmother and i can not finad any info. her husband zay hill also. thank you kathy

    • Emeline Coulter was my great aunt her sister Cecilia hayden born (Coulter ) was my great grandmother I don’t have no info, that help you but if you have any info own Cecilia I would love to have it .you can contact me at abe 5074 or you may call me at 1 -270-692 -2868 my name is lester hayden and I live in Lebanon my

  2. Eliza Chestine Coulter was born to George and Mary Elizabeth in 1880. She is my great great grandmother. She married first John Kinder and second Morgan Hudson. I’m not sure is Sarah L is a typo as to that would be the year Eliza was born or not. There is documents available to verify the parentage of Eliza.

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