News From ‘The Hustler’ – Hopkins County, Kentucky

The Hustler, Madisonville, Kentucky

February 24, 1893

Mrs. Ellen Tanner, of Madisonville, died last Monday morning and was buried Tuesday afternoon at Odd Fellow’s Cemetery.  She was quite aged and has been bedridden for a number of years.  She was a good woman and much respected by all who knew her.  She left several children, all of whom are grown up to manhood and womanhood.  Her husband died several years ago.  February 24, 1893.

Mrs. Harriett Forkner, of near Hanson, died Saturday.  She was the wife of W. R. Forkner, and was 61 years old.  The deceased was a good christian lady and beloved by all who knew her.  She was a member of the Baptist church for thirty-five years.  February 24, 1893

Miss Cordie Priest, the youngest daughter of James and Mary Priest, died at the family residence in Earlington, Kentucky, February 6, 1893, after an illness of about seven weeks.  She was in the seventeenth year of her age, just blooming into womanhood.  She was a loyal Christian and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church four years ago and her life proved that she had been with Jesus.  About two months ago she had entered into perfect love and from that time her peace was unbroken.  Pen can not, neither tongue, but only the holy life she lived and the example she left do her justice.  When the summons came that she must shortly go, she called her parents, brothers and sisters, one by one and putting her arms about their necks asked them to meet her in heaven.  She then called for her pastor, and when he arrived at her bedside, she offered her hand, saying:  “I am going to heaven.”  She was patient and submissive to the end.  She leaves a father, mother, two brothers and two sisters, and many friends to mourn her.  February 24, 1893.

Mrs. Josie Bassett, wife of Mr. William, of Madisonville, died last Wednesday.  She was about thirty-six years of age and was well and favorably known to a large circle of friends.  Mrs. Bassett’s maiden name was Fugate.  She was born and raised in Hopkins county and had for years been a consistent member of the Christian Church.  She leaves a husband and six children who are indeed sadly bereaved.  On yesterday the remains were taken to Grapevine Cemetery, where they were carefully and lovingly deposited.  Mr. Bassett and his children have the sympathy of the whole town in their sad affliction.  January 5, 1894.

Mrs. Elizabeth Scott, wife of Judge John T. Scott, of Madisonville, died Tuesday morning, after having been a sufferer for some time with severe heart trouble.  Her maiden name was Robertson and she and her husband had lived together happily for more than thirty years.  Mrs. Scott was in the 53rd year of her age and was well and favorably known to all the people of Madisonville.  She had for years been a consistent member of the Christian Church, and as a member of that congregation labored faithfully for the Lord she served.  She leaves a husband who was much devoted to her and three sons who are indeed bereaved by this sad dispensation of Providence.  Mrs. Scott was indeed a good woman in the fullest sense of the term.  Her life was above reproach and she was an example for others to copy and to follow.  The remains were on Wednesday taken to Grapevine Cemetery where they were lovingly deposited by the side of friends and relations who had gone before.  Judge Scott and his family may rest assured that they have the deep sympathy of the people, not only of Madisonville, but the entire community.  January 5, 1894.

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