Funeral Notices from Mercer County, Kentucky

Funeral Notices from Mercer County, Kentucky

William Frederick Alexander, infant son of A. H. Alexander, by Rev. William Holeman, July 21, 1829, interment at Shawnee Run Meeting House.

W. S. Alexander at the Episcopal Church at 10 a.m., August 24, 1878, by Rev. J. W. Venable.

Mrs. Permelia Burford at the Methodist Episcopal Church, 11 a.m., May 10, 1837, by Rev. John James.  Interment at residence of James Green.

James H. Gibson at the M. E. Church South by Rev. Mr. Berriman, interment at Spring Hill.

Mrs. Amelia Grimes, consort of R. A. Grimes, 3 p.m., April 26, 1845.


In memory of Beriah Magoffin, born in the County of Down, Ireland, February 11, 1773, died in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, March 11th, 1843.

Beriah Magoffin, Sen., from his late residence, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, by Rev. John Montgomery at 2 p.m., March 10, 1843.

Mrs. Almedia Howe, wife of Col. M. S. Howe, at the residence, December 9, 1871, 2 p.m.

Lucy Jane Taylor, infant daughter of James Taylor, from his residence at 10:30, October 20, 1837, interment in Viney Grove.

Miss Kate Stout at Reform Church, Harrodsburg, 8:30 a.m., March 4, 1852.

The funeral of Mrs. Ann Boice will take place at the Mud Meeting House, tomorrow afternoon, at 3 o’clock.  Services by Rev. H. Allen Tupper.  Interment at the burying grounds near the church, Mercer County, September 1, 1883.


Garret Bonta, born November 4, 1789, died August 30, 1860.

You are respectfully invited to attend the funeral service of Garrard Bonta at his late residence, tomorrow (Friday) at 10 o’clock, thence to the Mud Meeting House burial grounds.  Funeral services by Rev. George L. Gould, August 30, 1860.

The friends and family are invited to attend the funeral of Miss Emma Rue, daughter of George C. and Anna Rue, at Mud Meeting House, at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 30, 1884.  Services by J. L. McKee.  Interment at Mud Meeting House burying ground, Mercer County, Kentucky, March 28, 1884.

One thought on “Funeral Notices from Mercer County, Kentucky”

  1. Thank you for the funeral notices from Mercer County. That is where my ancestors are from as well as Washington and Casey Counties. I am familiar with many of the names. I always enjoy the items on your website.
    Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

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