Mr. A. Smith McCann Obituary

from the Harrodsburg Newspaper, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, April 1, 1898

Mr. A. Smith McCann died at the Protestant Infirmary, Lexington, Monday morning.  He was a son of the late Milton McCann, of this county, and was born three miles east of this place.  He inherited a large fortune of one thousand acres of blue grass land and lived in princely style, his home being one of the most magnificent in Central Kentucky, beautified with rare plants and flowers.  He was about the first to introduce scientific methods in farming in this county, and at one time his place was in a perfect state for cultivation.  Financial reverses overtook him, however, about eighteen years ago he moved to Lexington and embarked in the horse business.  He struck a streak of luck and in a few years had accumulated another handsome fortune with Red Wilkes, in whom he sold a half interest for $30,000, which enabled him to purchase Fairlawn Stock Farm, in the suburbs of Lexington, for which he paid $105,000, but later he was forced to part with the place and died without possessions.  He was fifty-three years of age and was never married.  Among other relatives he leaves two aunts, Mrs. D. M. Bowman and Miss Nannie Smith, of this city.  The remains were brought here Tuesday morning and interred in Spring Hill Cemetery, brief services being held by Elder C. K. Marshall at the grave.

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  1. I am a direct descendant of Abram Smith MvCann. I am the great great granddaughter of his daughter with Alice Brass.. he had 2 daughters with Alice. Mary Ellen b. 1872 and my great grandma Willia Atwood McCann b. 1874. Both born in Harrodsburg Kentucky.. Rumor states he and Alice ran away up North to be married. Alice’s mother was Mahala Brass and she she raised both granddaughters after their mother died from consumption along with her toddler boy who was 3. I have no knowledge as to whether he was also the son of A.Smith McCann. I have taken DNA test from 3 companies and I am related to current descendants of the Abraham Smith family who was the father of Joanna P Smith McCann, mother of A. Smith McCann. My name is Terrie Gray Williams and I wanted to share my story in hope that I can find out more more about my great great grandfather. Both girls grew up with the last name of McCann. Both girls left Kentucky and moved to New Jersey. Willia later moved to Boston and Framingham MA with her spouse- John Vreeland Jones. Their daughter Evelynne was my maternal grandmother. So A.Smith McCann did not die without direct heirs as history thought for the last 125 years.

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