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Edward Barber Edwards Survey


This is the original map of a survey of 200 acres of land in Washington County, Kentucky, for Edward Barber Edwards, my 4th gr-grandfather.  Edward was born April 21, 1768, in Maryland,  the son of Jonathan Edwards and Sarah Barber.  Edward was the eldest son, with seven brothers and sisters:  Virginia, Elizabeth, Mary, Jonathan, Rebecca, Joseph and Sarah.  The family moved to Loudoun County, Virginia, before 1795.

Edward married Nancy Linton, daughter of Captain John Hancock Linton and Ann Nancy Mason.  The couple had eight children, six born in Virginia and two born after the move to Kentucky, in 1816.  Susan Clark Edwards, John L., Catherine Kitural, Jonathan Joseph, Benjamin M. and Mary Jane were the older children; Martha L. and Sarah Barber Edwards were born after their move.

Although this document is not dated, it is with another document, another 200 acres for Edward Barber Edwards, surveyed by the same John Pirtle with the date November 20, 1812.  I’m sure this document is very close in date.


Survey’d for Edward B. Edwards 200 acres of land, bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at a stone corner to Thomas Hagan’s 30 acre tract, then with his line N26.5, W140 perches to a buckeye, dogwood and hickory. Thence with another line of the same S10, W30 poles to an Ironwood hickory and hornbeam on a small branch. Thence down the same as it meanders 30 perches to a white oak and elm on the east side of the Frankfort Road. Thence N6.5, E108 poles to a white oak, Spanish oak and ironwood. Thence S76, E59 perches to a white oak, walnut and blue ash. Thence N59.5, #25 poles to a hickory and dogwood. Thence N12, E96 poles to a hickory and white oak in the original line of Mercer’s 2,000 acre tract. Then with same S57, #44 poles to a stone corner to William Moran’s. Thence with his line S1.25, W190 poles to an elm and sugar tree on a small branch. Thence S22, E152 poles to a beech white oak and walnut on Moses Linton’s line. Then with his line N68, W to the beginning. J. Pirtle

Washington County, Kentucky

The Moses Linton mentioned in the survey, is brother-in-law to Edward Edwards, brother to his wife, Nancy.  William Moran is also a brother-in-law, married to Susan Linton.  When the survey speaks of the original line of Mercer’s 2,000 acre tract, Charles Fenton Mercer is the man who owned that land, and it was this land that Captain John Hancock Linton purchased June 13, 1818.  Captain John arrived in Washington County, Kentucky, November 4, 1818, to begin a new life with his children and grandchildren – at the age of 68.  I suppose for a Revolutionary War veteran it wasn’t that hard!

Edward Barber Edwards died in 1824.  Nancy lived on until 1861.  Three of the eight children never married, living long lives into their 80’s!  One sister, Mary Jane, married but had no children.  These four helped care for nieces and nephews of various families throughout the years.  Susan Clark Edwards is my 3rd gr-grandmother, living only to the age of 39.  She married John Cotton Taylor and had four children before her death, probably due to illness after childbirth with daughter Margaret Ann, who was only six months old when her mother died.  The old bachelor and spinsters lived on the same land purchased by Edward Barber Edwards in 1812 until the last one died in 1905, the land was then inherited by my great-grandmother, Frances Barber Linton.  Most of these people were long ago forgotten by most – but not me!  This is why we are genealogists – to search out and remember those who lived before us, and pass their stories down to the next generations, so they will live forever in our memories.

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