The Family of Major Thomas Allin and Mary Jouett Allin, Part 2



The Family of Major Thomas Allin and Mary Jouett Allin

Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thomas Allin, son of William and Frances (Grant) Allin, was born May 14, 1757, in Hanover County, Virginia.  Thomas served in the Revolutionary War and afterwards moved to Mercer County, Kentucky.  On February 16, 1789, Thomas Allin married Mary Jouett, at the home of her brother, Captain John Jouett, Jr.  Mary was born June 14, 1765, in Louisa County, Virginia, the daughter of John Jouett, Sr., and his wife Mourning Harris.  Thomas and Mary raised a large family in Mercer County, Kentucky.  Thomas died June 26, 1833, at his home in Harrodsburg, during the cholera epidemic of that year.  His wife Mary died two days later, June 28, 1833.  They are buried in Spring Hill Cemetery.

The children of Major Thomas Allin and Mary Jouett Allin are:

  • Nancy Harris Allin
  • William H. Allin
  • John Jouett Allin
  • Thomas Allin, Jr.
  • Charles W. Allin
  • Mary Jouett Allin
  • Grant Allin
  • Philip Trapnell Allin
  • Samuel Woodson Allin
  • Benjamin Casey Allin

Charles W. Allin was born July 13, 1796, at Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky; died March 4, 1847, in Henderson County, Kentucky.  Charles married first, on June 14, 1819, Patsy Mitchell; married second in 1824, Mrs. Caroline Harrison, at Henderson County, widow of Daniel Harrison, born 1809, died 1873.  Children by first marriage:

  • Richard Mitchell Allin, who later attained the rank of Captain

Children by second marriage:

  • Philip Trapnell Allin, born 1834; became a Major and Chief of Staff to Generals Cheatham and Forrest, Confederate States of America, 26th Battalion, Tennessee Cavalry.

Mary Jouett Allin was born March 6, 1798, at Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky; died September 2, 1818; married December 13, 1815, to Dr. Don Carlos Dixon, son of Major Tilghman Dixon and Maria Don Carlos Dixon, and born 1792 at Dixon Springs, Tennessee; died 1841.  Since Mary was deceased at the time her father made his will, May 5, 1830, he left her share of his estate to her son Tilghman Dixon, namely two tracts of land in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, containing about two hundred acres each, to be held for him until he came to the age of 21 years or married, and he was to be educated by the Executors, free of any charge against him until he became 21 years of age or married.  Children:

  • Tilghman Allin Dixon

Grant Allin was born January 20, 1800, at Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky; died Thursday, December 11, 1873, in Randolph County, Missouri.  Buried at College Mound, Missouri.  Grant married first, December 20, 1827, Mary Ware, daughter of Colonel Thompson Ware and Sally (Conn) Ware of Bourbon County, Kentucky; married second, at her father’s home in Bourbon County, October 23, 1830, Catherine Todd Ware, also a daughter of Colonel Thompson Ware and Sally (Conn) Ware, and born December 21, 1799; died June 26, 1863, in Randolph County, Missour, and was buried at Hebron, Missouri, near the Grant Allin farm.  Children by first marriage:

  • Mary Ware Allin
  • Thompson Allin, born November 4, 1828, at Harrodsburg

Children by second marriage:

  • Thomas Allin, born September 24, 1831, at Harodsburg; died June 25, 1865, and buried at Hebron, Missouri; married March 29, 1855, Kate Woods McNamara.  Served in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War.
  • Amanda Allin, born July 13, 1833, at Harrodsburg
  • Charles Ware Allin, born February 21, 1835, at Harrodsburg
  • Sallie Ware Allin, born January 26, 1837, at Harrodsburg
  • Lucy Bedford Allin, born August 30, 1838, at Harrodsburg
  • Mary Catherine Allin, born February 21, 1842,  near Huntsville, Randolph County, Missouri

Philip Trapnell Allin was born May 5, 1803, at Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky; died November 23, 1849; married first May 6, 1824, Jane Randolph Cabell, daughter of Joseph Cabell and his second wife, Anne Everard Bolling (Duval) Cabell, and born August 29, 1805, died June 28, 1833, at Harrodsburg of cholera.  Married second December 3, 1835, Mary Sophie Elizabeth Hart, daughter of William Hart and Dinah (Bradford) Hart, of Henderson County, Kentucky, and born February 15, 1814; died July 2, 1874.

Philip Trapnell Allin was appointed by his father as one of three Executors of his will, in which Philip was named to inherit “the tract of land containing fifty acres, lying west of the dower land of the widow McClure, now deceased, and all my interest in said dower land: as from his equal share of money to be had from the sale of the estate at the death of his mother, Mary.

In 1786 when Mercer County was organized, Thomas Allin was appointed county and circuit clerk, and served until 1830.  He then resigned and his son Philip Trapnell Allin was appointed as circuit clerk in which capacity he served until his death in 1849.  Children by first marriage:

  • Joseph Cabell Allin, born March 14, 1825, at Harrodsburg; married first Susan A. Smith, daughter of Obediah Smith of Henderson County.  No issue.  Married second, Mrs. Brown, of Louisville, Kentucky.  No issue.
  • Mary Ann Allin, born August 2, 1827, at Harrodsburg; died March 17, 1832
  • Elizabeth Randolph Allin, born December 13, 1832, at Harrodsburg

Children by second marriage:

  • Charles William Allin, born Octoer 13, 1836; died October 6, 1837
  • Robert B. Allin, born June 17, 1837; died October 17, 1839
  • William Hart Allin, born June 23, 1841; died July 20, 1859
  • John Bradford, born April 13, 1844, at Harrodsburg
  • Benjamin Casey Allin, born November 1, 1846, at Harrodsburg
  • Philip Trapnell Allin, born Mary 27, 1849, at Harrodsburg; married Mary Lloyd Ewing Marshall, daughter of Dr. Burwell Keith Marshall, of Louisville, Kentucky, and his wife, Sarah Lloyd Moore (Ewing) Marshall.  No issue.

Samuel Woodson Allin was born April 8, 1805; died January 1, 1807, at Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky.

Benjamin Casey Allin was born May 6, 1808, at Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky; died September 26, 1895, at Harrodsburg; married January 28, 1829, Susan Hart Warren (1811-1897), daughter of John Warren and Judith (Boswell) Warren.  Benjamin was mentioned in his father’s will to inherit the home place consisting of about 200 acres, also another small tract of about 45 acres, as well as two negroes and to be given possession at the death of his mother.  He was appointed one of the Executors and was to inherit his share of the money to be had from the sale of the estate at his mother’s death that had not been otherwise disposed of.

At the time of the death of his brother, Philip Trapnell Allin, in 1849, Benjamin was appointed to fill his office of Circuit Clerk of Mercer County.  He held the office under appointment until 1851, when a new constitution was adopted, making the office elective.  He was then elected to the same office continuously until 1862, when on account of his strong southern sympathy, a Unionist was elected.  In 1886 Benjamin was elected County clerk and was elected to the same office every four years until his death.  Children:

  • Mary Boswell Allin, born November 5, 1829
  • George T. Allin, born June 18, 1831; died April 27, 1834
  • Benjamin Casey Allin, Jr., born August 18, 1834
  • Marie Catherine Allin, born June 26, 1836
  • John W. Allin, born March 12, 1838; died June 28, 1839
  • Philip Trapnell Allin, born December 15, 1839
  • Bushrod Warren Allin, born February 6, 1843
  • William Boswell Allin, born March 17, 1845
  • Susan Jouett Allin, born March 6, 1847, died November 1, 1864
  • Grant T. Allin, born December 12, 1848
  • Mary A.  Allin, born April 17, 1852
  • Thomas Allin, born March 17, 1857; died July 1864



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