The Beautiful Frankfort Cemetery



Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky

The Frankfort Cemetery, in our beautiful state capital city, is a lovely place for a walk, a jog – but especially nice for a little genealogy hunt!  Let’s see who we found!


Lavina Seiler, wife of V. Berberich, born June 21, 1845, died August 28, 1878


Sacred to the memory of

Ellen Feehan, born 1815, died February 13, 1873

Daniel Feehan, born 1814, died June 9,1863


Erected in memory of Hanorah, wife of John Callaghan, born March 12, 1839, died July 9, 1862.  Also their three children – Michael, John and Timothy Callaghan.


My sweet hubby – always up for an adventure!


Thomas H. Berry, born April 20, 1817, died March 21, 1874


Our Confederate Dead


‘They sleep, what need to question now, if they were right or wrong.  They know ere this whose cause was just in God the father’s sight.  They wield no warlike weapons now, return no foeman’s thrust.  Who but a coward would revile an honored soldier’s dust.’

In the above picture you can see individual Confederate soldiers graves, circling the large monument.  More in a later post about these soldiers!


At the war memorial in the center of the cemetery this Union soldier was buried with honors.

C. N. Cardwell, Adjutant 2nd Regt., KY Infantry, died December 27, 1864


Anthony Crockett, 1756-1838, 7th Virginia Continental Regiment

Revolutionary War Soldier


The Frankfort Cemetery is located on a high bluff above the beautiful Kentucky River!  Notice our capital building in the background on the right!  I think you need to visit one day!

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  1. The photographs of the Frankfort Cemetery are beautiful. What a lovely place for a cemetery. Thank you for sharing such an interesting visit. Marilyn Vance McGaughey

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