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1863 Union Draft Records

1863 Union Draft Records

I ran across something very interesting when doing research on a Bowman family of Mercer County, Kentucky – the Civil War draft registration records for the Union Army, 1863-1865.  By 1863 it was necessary for the federal government to enroll and draft men.  The Conscription Act declared that men between the ages of 20 and 45 were eligible for duty.  Those exempt from the draft were men who were mentally or physically impaired, the only son of a widow, the son of infirm parents or a widower with dependent children.  A few man paid a substitute to go to war for them.  Prices began about $300, but some went as high as $1,100 or more.

Class I comprised all persons subject to do military duty between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years, and all unmarried persons to do military duty above the age of thirty-five years and under the age of forty-five years.  Class II comprised all other persons subject to do military duty, married men aged 36 to 44.  Class III comprised volunteers.


Consolidated list of all person of Class II, subject to do military duty in the Seventh Congressional District, consisting of the Counties of Lincoln, Fayette, Jessamine, Boyle, Mercer, Bourbon, Nicholas, Franklin, Woodford and Clark, and State of Kentucky, enumerated during the month of June and July, 1863, under direction of Thomas H. Moore, Captain.

The following is just a small sample of the names included.  What I love about these records is the information given – great for genealogists – and another tool to use between the census years!

Jessamine Allen, Achilles 42 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Allen, William C. 36 Blacksmith Tennessee
Jessamine Arnett, Samuel 41 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Austin, Robert 36 Carpenter Kentucky
Jessamine Axline, D. W. 37 Preacher Kentucky
Mercer Birdwhite, William N. 36 C. Clerk Kentucky
Mercer Bixter, David M 44 Farmer Kentucky
Jessamine Brown, George W. 39 Carpenter Kentucky
Jessamine Brown, George W. 36 Wagon Maker Kentucky
Mercer Brown, Thomas B. 41 Boot Maker New Hampshire
Mercer Bryant, Isaiah 40 Tailor Ohio
Jessamine Burdine, James 36 Butcher Kentucky
Mercer Burks, Richard 42 Toll Gate Keeper Kentucky
Scott Cannan, John H. 42 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Carrick, John 39 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Carter, John 36 Farmer Kentucky
Mercer Chambers, William 39 Carpenter Kentucky
Scott Chowning, Preston 43 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Clackner G. F. 37 Cabinet Maker Maryland
Scott Clark, Henry 37 Coach Maker New Jersey
Mercer Cochran, Alonzo F. 37 Coach Maker Maryland
Mercer Coghill, Littleton 37 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Cole, Loyd 44 Farmer Kentucky
Mercer Conn, W. O. 35 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Conner, John 35 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Conner, Mike 36 Laborer Ireland
Scott Covington, Thomas 43 Farmer Kentucky
Scott Curry, Charles 38 Miller Ireland
Scott Cutenhuma, John 39 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Dallins, Reuben 37 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Edmenton, John 37 Merchant Virginia
Lincoln Estis, John W. 43 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Estis, William M. 44 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Eubank, Ben 37 Farmer Kentucky
Lincoln Floyd, Harry 37 Farmer Kentucky
Nicholas Ham, S. W. 43 Farmer Kentucky
Nicholas Hamilton, James G. 35 Constable Kentucky
Nicholas Holladay, James H. 42 Lawyer Kentucky
Nicholas Howe, Ezra 42 Merchant Kentucky
Fayette Landsburg, William 43 Merchant Germany
Fayette Laudaman, James 42 Grocer Kentucky
Fayette Lillard, John L. 42 Harness Maker Kentucky
Fayette Lindsay, W. A. 42 Hotel Keeper Kentucky
Fayette Linn, Patrick 39 Laborer Ireland
Boyle Manmaning, H. 36 Carriage Maker New York
Boyle McGorty, A. L. 43 Merchant Ireland
Boyle McGraw, Jack 37 Farmer Kentucky
Boyle Moore, William J. 43 Tailor Kentucky
Boyle Newlin, George P. 36 Dentist Pennsylvania
Boyle Nichols, John R. 40 Undertaker Kentucky
Boyle Pittman, C. J. 38 Farmer Kentucky
Bourbon Redman, Washington 37 Farmer Kentucky
Bourbon Richardson, Thomas 35 Wagon Maker Kentucky
Bourbon Rogers, I. I. 44 Minister Kentucky
Bourbon Rowe, Jacob 37 Mechanic Kentucky

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  1. Did Spencer Coghill come from the same county as Littleton Coghill? Have sought a connection to Littletons and Coghills. Thanks

  2. I’m looking for my 2nd great-grandfather Thomas William Alexander Lewis, who was born in Bourbon County in 1828, and was living in Woodford Cy. in the 1860 census. He was killed in the Civil War, don’t know which side. Wondered if you can find him in the draft records.

Any thoughts?

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