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Biographies – Hancock County, Kentucky

Biographies – Hancock County, Kentucky

Alexander D. Beauchamp was born in 1800 in Harrison County, Kentucky. He was the son of R. C. and Ann (Stowers) Beauchamp. He was married December 13, 1867, to Marietta Kendall, daughter of Enoch and Martha J. Kendall of Daviess County. Their children were Mary R., Enoch, Katie and Claribel.

David T. Beauchamp was born January 26, 1835, in Hancock County, Kentucky. He was the son of Robert C. and Sarah A. B. (Stowers) Beauchamp. The father was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, in 1800, the son of William Beauchamp, who was from Delaware. William was the son of Jesse who came to this county from France. William Beauchamp was in the Revolutionary War. He married Sallie Morris, a niece of Robert Morris, also a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The family moved to Daviess County in 1818, where William Beauchamp died about 1830. Sarah A. B. Stowers was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, on September 9, 1811, the daughter of John Stowers. John Stowers died in 1826. Robert C. Beauchamp died in Hancock County on September 9, 1884. The children of Robert C. and Sarah Beauchamp were John W., David, Alexander D., and Julia (the wife of James C. Robb). David T. Beauchamp was married September 25, 1866, to Anna M. Crockett, daughter of Anthony and Susan (Robb) Crockett. She was born December 22, 1836. Their children were Robert C., Samuel R. and Joe A. Anna M. Beauchamp died May 11, 1878.

Garland D. Black was born August 27, 1847, in Ohio County, Kentucky. He was the son of Jesse and Louise (Craig) Black. Jesse was born in Ohio County, the son of Robert Black, a native of North Carolina, and Louisa was born in Muhlenberg County. Louisa was the daughter of James Craig. Jesse L. Black was born in 1809 and died in Ohio County in the spring of 1878. Louisa Black was born in 1812 and died in 1857. The children of Jesse L. and Louisa Black were Letitia A., James F., Felix H., Garland D. and Hiram C. Garland D. Black was married December 15, 1881, to Mary E. Carlton, daughter of Captain J. W. and Antoinette Carlton. Their child, Nettie Louisa, was born October 30, 1882. Garland D. Black died in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, in 1874.

Edwin Brashear was born December 29, 1842, in Breckinridge County, Kentucky. He was the son of R. A. S. and Margaret (Cox) Brashear. R. A. S. was born in Breckinridge County about 1812, the son of Joseph Brashear who moved from Washington County to Breckinridge County in 1806. His father, William, came from Maryland and settled in Louisville in 1782. R. A. S. died in 1859. Margaret (Cox) Brashear was born in Breckinridge County in 1814 and died in 1874. Her family came to Kentucky from Virginia. The children of R. A. S. and Margaret Brashear were James C., Mehitable (wife of Richard Robinson), Edwin, Bettie, Nannie (wife of Wilbur Sills), R. A. and Josie. Edwin Brashear came to Hancock County in 1867. He was married September 12, 1867, to Jennie Younger, daughter of George Younger. Jennie was born in Breckinridge County in 1844. They had four children. Jennie died in 1875. Edwin married again on June 7, 1877, to Mrs. Bettie Bowlware, daughter of Joseph Wright of Daviess County. The children of this second marriage were Nannie, Nora and Lummie.

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