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Revolutionary War Pensions – Adair County

Revolutionary War Pensions – Adair County, Kentucky

Jacob Cooper, Private, North Carolina, was born in 1734, entered the service in 1776 in Burke, County, North Carolina. Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued November 6, 1832. At the time he filed his declaration, was 98 years old. He entered the service under Captain William Moore, in the year 1776, from the County of Burke, North Carolina. He was in the battle with the British at Broad River, South Carolina, and was in the service more than two years in the states of North and South Carolina.

Thomas Cochran, Private, Georgia and Virginia, was born April 8th, about 1760, in Charlotte, Virginia, when he entered the service in August, 1778. After his service he returned to his father’s house in Campbell County, Virginia, and remained there about fifteen years. He moved to Tennessee for one summer, then to Adair County, Kentucky. Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued February 8, 1833.

Levi Conover, Private, New Jersey Line, was born October 10, 1757, in Windsor Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey. He lived there when called into service in 1775 or 1776, and remained there eight years after he left service. Then removed to Fayette County, Kentucky, where he lived about eight years when he removed to Adair County, Kentucky. Mentions his brother, William Conover, who also served in the New Jersey Line. Mentions another brother, John Conover. In 1832 Levi Conover gives his age as 75 years. He entered service in 1775 or 1776 under Captain Stout, Colonel Dyking’s command. He was in the battle of Trenton and on the next morning very early he assisted in attacking the British at Princeton. He was then marched to Steel’s Gap and lay there near about three weeks. He was then marched to Brunswick, where the British were said to be, but the British in the meantime marched off to New York and boarded their vessels. During his service he was in many skirmishes. He was a volunteer during his term of service, which covered three or four years. Levi Conover married first Catherine Dye, in 1785; she died in 1801. In 1802 he married Mrs. Jane Gilbirth Turnbow.

William Caldwell, Private, Virginia Line, was born in 1759 and died Jully 5, 1825. He entered the service in December, 1776. Pension began January 22, 1819, certificate issued July 20, 1819.

Leighton Cooper, Private, Virginia Line, was born about 1757. He enlisted about 1778. On September 14, 1829, he states he has not family, but says also, ‘The reason I did not make earlier application for a pension was because I was able to work more than I am now, and I had some small quantity of stock and a family of children to help work.’ Pension began July 27, 1831, certificate issued July 29, 1831.

Alexander Elliott, Midshipman, Virginia Navy, was born 1763, the son of Captain George Elliott. He lived in Rockbridge County, Virginia, when he enlisted in 1776 or 1777 under his father. He came to Kentucky about 1789, settled near Danville till 1799 when he came to Adair County. Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued October 11, 1833.

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