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Adair County Revolutionary War Veterans

Adair County Revolutionary War Veterans

John Watson was a Private in the Virginia Militia.  John entered the service at Powhatan County, Virginia, in 1780.  John served under Captain Mayho in the regiment commanded by Col. Faulkner in the brigade commanded by Captain Stephens.  John marched to Hillsborough in North Carolina.  He marched from Hillsborough, North Carolina, to South Carolina and joined the army of General Yates at Watson’s Mills.  John moved to Adair County, Kentucky, some time between 1799 and 1809.  John was born November 18, 1763, in Powhatan County, Virginia.  He married Elizabeth in December 1782.  John died July 31, 1849, in Barren County, Kentucky.

James Weir was a Private in the Pennsylvania Line.  James entered the service in 1775 at Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  James lived in Adair County, Kentucky, then he moved to Sangamon County, Illinois.  James was born in 1756 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, married Lydia Richards March 10, 1793, in Frederick County, Maryland.  Lydia was born May 27, 1770.  James died February 12, 1837, in Sangamon County, Illinois.

Thomas White was a Private in the Virginia Line.  Thomas lived in Virginia five or six years after his Revolutionary War service, then moved to Fayette County, Kentucky, for about seven years, then moved to Adair County, Kentucky.  Thomas was born March 15, 1763.

Philip Winfrey was a Private in the Virginia Line.  Philip entered the service in 1780, at Buckingham County, Virginia.  Philip was a substitute for John Winfrey, a drafted militiaman under Captain Anthony Winston, Asap Walker and Lieutenant John January.  He marched on Cabin Point, and there joined Major Jones’ battalion and remained there for 2 months; thence to Cooper’s Mill.  Philip lived in Buckingham County, Virginia, until 1795, when he moved to Lincoln County, Kentucky.  He lived in Lincoln County for two years, then moved to Adair County, Kentucky, in 1797.  Philip Winfrey was born in 1764, in Powhatan County, Virginia.  Philip was the son of John Winfrey.  He married Martha Northcult.  Philip died in 1841 in Adair County.

David Winniford was a Sergeant in the Virginia Line.  He entered the service in 1777 in Virginia.  David lived in Buckingham County, Virginia, Cumberland County, Virginia, and Adair County, Kentucky.  David married Judith November 16, 1780, in Cumberland County, Virginia.  He died in Cumberland County, Virginia, April 26, 1834.

John Yates was a Lieutenant in the Virginia Line.  John entered the service in Culpeper County, Virginia.  He lived in Culpeper County near Sperryville (now Rappahannock County) until 1774.  He moved to Adair County, Kentucky, before 1810.  John was born in 1752 in Caroline County, Virginia.  He was the son of Captain George Yates.  He married Elizabeth Gaines December 17, 1787.  Elizabeth was born 1757 in Culpeper County, Virginia.  She died July 1820 in Barren County, Kentucky.  John died in 1820 in Adair County, Kentucky.

William Young was a Private in the North Carolina Militia.  William entered the service October 13, 1777, in Rowan County, North Carolina.  William served in Col. Lock’s regiment.  He stated in his affidavit that he received thirteen wounds and all the troops were killed except for Captain Snipes, himself and three or four others.  William lived in Rowan County, North Carolina, after the war, then in 1787 he moved to Adair County, Kentucky.  William was born in 1760.  He was the son of Jonathan Young.  William married Elizabeth.  He died July 11, 1838.

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  1. I’m looking for Captain Bottoms (maybe Thomas ) that served in the Revolutionary War from Boyle County. Do you haopen to have any info?
    People like myself truly appreciate the work you guys do so we can fill in our family trees.
    Thanks, in advance for your help.

  2. Phyllis -Very interesting work….. I wonder if you have done anything similar for Christian County?I am still trying to learn if my 4th Great Grandfather, John Campbell has Revolutionary War service. It seems almost certain he did based upon his older brother, Col. William Campbell of King and Queen County, who moved to Orange County, VA near Jefferson and Madison’s plantations after the war and had quite distinguished service over most of his live. One of his sons, John P. moved to Christian County and had a very distinguished life there, after my John died there in 1806 at a rather young age. My John served as Sheriff, the County Surveyor, and was on the Board of Commissioners. He died rather young at 47. A few years ago, I found Commissioner records in the courthouse that referred to Commissioner Campbell being quite ill…. it appears he died while on the Commission.Anyway, if you run across anything I would be interested in knowing about it. I am about ready to engage a professional genealogist in Orange County, VA to attempt to learn what his patriot service might have been. In addition to the older brother I mentioned, he had two other brothers who perished as Patriots…. at least one perished at Charleston. Whether it was in battle or in the prison I don’t know – yet.Saw something recently about your husband having some surgery. Hope all is well.Ron Klein

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