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Jean Batist Photo!

Scan_Pic1572 2I share with you today one of my favorite photos!  As soon as I saw this gentleman – with his hat – I knew I must purchase for one of my blogs!  The name written on back in small block print is Jean Batist.  Evidently a Frenchman, or of French descent!  This is a Cabinet Card photo, but the bottom portion has been cut off – perhaps to put in a frame – and also the portion that would give the name of photographer and where the photo was taken!  Such a pity!

One of the most interesting aspects of the photo is the hat worn by this gentleman!  Does anyone recognize this as a particular hat – or a hat worn by a group?  I thought perhaps Masons or Odd Fellows, but could see no similarity.

He wears a beautiful watch chain and his velvet vest gives him a very dressy look.  As does the pinky ring on his left hand.

Our Jean Batist is very old – I would say in his eighties due to the soft folds under his chin and the wrinkles in his hands.  This should put his birth date around 1800-1810. Just look at his face – much character in the eyes and mouth!  Don’t you want to ask him a hundred questions?


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