Skinner Family of Clark County, Kentucky

IMG_1723In memory of John Skinner, born March 15, 1765, died April 26, 1843.  Winchester Cemetery, Clark County, Kentucky

Buried in the Winchester Cemetery of Clark County, Kentucky, are four members of the Skinner family.  John, the father, was born in 1765, in some records in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

IMG_1725In memory of Sarah Skinner, born October 2, 1775, died September 26, 1837

Sarah, wife of John Skinner was born October 2, 1775, ten years his junior.  I believe they moved to Kentucky about 1800.  According to some records they had many children, two of which are buried beside them.  This stone is very difficult to read, but Ritchey took several very close photos and I was able to make out the name and dates.

IMG_1722In memory of Nathan V. Skinner, born January 13, 1805.  His father erects these stones to his memory by the side of mother.  He died in a distant land, South Carolina, on the 13th day of  October, 1841.

Evidently this was a precious son who traveled to South Carolina – or possibly lived there – and this was a reminder of his life, even though he was probably buried where he died.

IMG_1724In memory of Isaac Skinner, son of J. and S. Skinner, born November 26, 1802, died August 26, 1834

Another son who died in his 30s!  What a sorrow that must have been.  I wish I knew more about this family, but at least there is this record to share with you.  Is anyone related to this family?

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  1. I love that you do this for us!!!! So far – I haven’t found who I’m personally looking for but I kown you have helped so many people.

  2. My family is Litton/Porter/Skinner/Ewing on my fathers side. I am very confused. Tracing the family to my family is complicated by first cousin marriages, 2nd and so forth. I know that the families all came to Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky. Both my brother and I have our DNA results and show connection to all. We will soon have my brothers Y DNA. Your knowledge is vast and informative but is there already a family chart? We are descended from Caleb Polleckfield Litton. John Richard Litton, James Edward Litton, to John Paris Litton,
    BIRTH 03 OCT 1776 • , Washington, Virginia, USA
    DEATH 16 AUG 1838 • De Soto, Louisiana, United States
    4th great-grandfather

    My great grand father WILLIAM MONFORD Litton
    BIRTH 11 AUG 1898 • Pleasant Hill, Sabine Parish, Louisiana
    DEATH MAR 1971 • Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA
    paternal grandfather married Nora Evely Porter
    BIRTH 24 AUG 1904 • Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA
    DEATH 4 APR 1951 • Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA
    paternal grandmother, thus our connection to the above mention family, Sorry this is so long but I know through research and DNA with are connected but having trouble finding the line that come to Louisiana. Any help appreciated.

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