Circa 1880’s Wedding Photo

Scan_Pic1731 1This magnificent wedding photo arrived in the mail just yesterday!  One of my Ebay finds!

The photo is in mint condition – someone took very good care of it through the years.  Our bride is simply beautiful!  She wears a highly decorated, dark colored dress.  The ruffles on the cuffs match the bodice, leading me to believe it is a blouse.  On the left side of the bodice is a beautiful piece of lace.  She wears her wedding ring on her left hand – in the European style – perhaps she is a recent emigrant.  The headdress for the veil is extremely detailed – and quite beautiful!  I’m not sure I’ve seen one more so!  A couple of the strands from it fall across her bodice, adding even more to the overall effect.   Her groom is handsome – and he does have a full mustache!  The right side of the photo is slightly faint at that point!

Our wedding photo was taken by Boeing Photography in Hustisford, Wisconsin.

Any thoughts?

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