Family Stories

Haggin Family Dis-Interred, Moved to Spring Hill Cemetery

Haggin is a very familiar name in Harrodsburg – our local hospital is the James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital.  James Ben Ali Haggin was born in Harrodsburg, the son of Terah Temple Haggin and Adeline S. Ben Ali, whose father was Ibrahim Ben Ali, an early American settler of Turkish origin.  James made his fortune during the gold rush, and afterwards was a major owner/breeder in the horse race industry, owning Lexington’s Elmendorf farm.

IMG_5433To the memory of Capt. John Haggin.  He was born in 1753, came to Kentucky in 1775, and died March 1, 1825.  Spring Hill Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky.

from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Friday, December 30, 1910


J. B. Haggin Orders Remains of Ancestors Moved to Spring Hill Cemetery

Mr. J. P. Board, sexton of Spring Hill Cemetery, has received instructions from Mr. J. B. Haggin of Elmendorf Farm, Fayette County, to remove remains of his ancestors, Captain John and Mrs. Nancy Haggin, his grandparents, and other relatives, from the farm near Burgin, now owned by Mr. W. B. Hatchett, and re-inter them on the family lot at Spring Hill.  Captain Haggin was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and came to Kentucky at the close of that war.  Mr. J. B. Haggin was born in a building which stood at the intersection of Main and Office Streets, where the office of the Telephone Company is now located.  Until the past few days where he decided to remove the remains of his relatives, it had been his intention to build a concrete wall around the graves as now located.

IMG_5432To the memory of Nancy Haggin, Wife of Capt. J. Haggin, born 1757, died 1821.

IMG_5455Captain John Haggin, born 1753 – died 1825, came to Kentucky in 1775.  Nancy Haggin, wife of Captain John Haggin, born 1757 – died 1821.  Their children – Samuel Haggin, James Haggin, William Haggin, John Haggin, Harvey Haggin, Jane Haggin McBride, M. Sally Haggin McMurtry, Margaret L. Haggin, Caroline Haggin Daviess and Terah Temple Haggin.

IMG_5456Adeline S. Ben Ali Haggin, wife of Terah Temple Haggin, born 1800 – died 1853.  John Haggin, born 1824 – died 1864.  Sue Elizabeth Haggin Patterson, born 1828 – died 1858.  Joseph B. Haggin, born 1830 – died 1894.  Laura Ellen Haggin, born 1833.  T. T. Haggin, born 1836 – died 1856.  Adeline S. C. Haggin, born 1838 – died 1854.

IMG_5434Erected by James Ben Ali Haggin, son of Terah Temple Haggin and Adeline S. Ben Ali Haggin, born 1822 – died 1914.  Interred in Woodlawn Cemetery, New York.  Spring Hill Cemetery.

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