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News From the Mt. Sterling Advocate – 103 Years Ago

A look back 103 years to the news in Mt. Sterling for August 27th.  There are the usual deaths, marriages, little bits of news – the 500 party was something new to me.  I tried to look it up but the internet generally just gave information about the Indianapolis 500 – or a political party!  The mention of prize-winning tomatoes reminds me of a note in The Springfield Sun years ago about my grandfather’s green beans!  Don’t you love small town news?

from The Mt. Sterling Advocate, Montgomery County, Kentucky

Wednesday, August 27, 1913

Miss Florence King Passes to Her Reward

Miss Florence King, the attractive 15-year-old daughter of Mrs. Maggie King, died at her home on the Paris Pike, in this county, last Wednesday.  She had been in poor health for some time, but up until a few days of her death her condition seemed to be improving.  Miss King was a young girl with a sweet disposition, whom to know was to love, and in her departure the world has lost a sunbeam that will never be forgotten.

She is survived by her mother, three sisters, Misses Mary, Margaret and Anna, and two brothers, John and James, all of this county.

The funeral was held Friday, services conducted by Rev. Father E. B. Roher, and burial in St. Thomas’ Cemetery.

New Assistant Principal of County High School

Miss Nell Whaley, of Paris, a sister of Mrs. W. Hoffman Wood, of this city, and formerly a member of the faculty of Cord’s Collegiate Institute, has been elected Assistant Principal of the Montgomery High School, in this city, to succeed Miss Georgia Sledd.  Miss Whaley is a competent and experienced teacher and her selection meets with general approval.

Accepts Position as Sign Painter

Mr. Miller Reissinger, son of Mr. Waller Reissinger, has accepted a position as sign painter with the Paushack-Wilson Scenery Co., of Chicago, the company that recently painted the two beautiful drop curtains for the Tabb Theatre.

Paul Weckesser Buys General Merchandise Store

Mr. W. Paul Weckesser has purchased of A. G. Smathers, his general merchandise store at Ewington.  His stock will be increased and a high class line of merchandise will be carried.  Mr. Weckesser is a hustling young businessman and is sue to succeed in his new undertaking.  He will move to Ewington with his family about the first of the month.  For the present Strother Thomas will have charge of the Pantorium pressing establishment, which belongs to Mr. Weckesser.

Prize Winning Tomatoes

We are in receipt of an elegant sack of tomatoes which was brought to this office Monday by Mr. J. W. Wilkerson.  They are of the Ponderosa variety and some of them weigh as much as two pounds.  Mr. Wilkerson’s father, Mr. W. H. Wilkerson, was considered the champion tomato grower in Montgomery County, and his son’s first attempt is very encouraging.  He was awarded first prize at the colored fair here last week for the excellence of his tomatoes.

Five Hundred Party

Miss Mattie Judy Botts entertained twenty-four of her young lady friends with a delightful five hundred party Monday afternoon at her home on Sycamore Street.

Married in This City

Miss Woodson Hadden, daughter of Mr. Nicholas Hadden, Sr., and Mr. Elza Woosley, both of this county, were quietly married in this city Wednesday night by Rev. H. D. Clark.  Mr. Woosley is a prosperous young farmer and he and his wife will make their future home at his residence on the Kiddville Pike.

Indian Runner Ducks for Sale

I have about a dozen full blood Indian Runner Ducks I will sell to the first person who comes at 50 cents per head.  The kind that begins laying in September and lay all winter.  C. B. Stephens.  Phone 603 at Advocate Office.

Sister of Dr. Charles Duerson Dies in Lexington

Mrs. Kate Hieronymus, aged 70 years, died at the St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington early Monday morning.  Her remains were taken to Winchester, Monday, and the funeral held at the grave Tuesday afternoon.  Deceased was a sister of Dr. Charles Duerson, of his city, and was a lovely Christian woman.

Card of Thanks

For five weeks a dark cloud has hung over our home.  Five cases of typhoid fever, three in our family and two on the farm.  But at last there is a rift in the cloud and all are convalescing nicely.  We hereby express our sincere thanks to our most excellent neighbors for their genuine sympathies, their untiring helpfulness, and many kind offices, which I have never seen excelled and which never will be forgotten by us.  We also thank our Heavenly Father, who so abundantly blessed the means employed for the recovery of the afflicted ones.     L. H. Reynolds and Family

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  1. I truly do enjoy reading small town news, so neat to glean there, learn there, savor there, share in the depth of sorrow they may have experienced, and the joy they knew. Relate to things they did, that you would do, … relate and joy in how and in what they gave thanks for. In one paragraph, there was one that had the first name of ”Strother” that was neat to me because my husband’s grandfather’s first name was Strother, an unusual name , it was fun when I first typed that name in at Ancestry looking for him…thanks for sharing all you do , I can learn a lot ,and appreciate 🙂

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