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Four Friends Photo

pic-1I am very excited to present this photo – four friends who decided to have their photo taken together.  Jewel Snell, Anna Wren, Marian Wein and Edith Van Loom – are the ladies in the photo.  Unfortunately a photographer’s name or place name is not given.

The skirts give me an indication this photo was taken in the 1870’s – and hairstyles of at least two of these women corroborate that – long curls incorporated into intricate designs.  The bolero jacket seems a little outdated – more a fad of the 1860’s – but some fashions were held over when money was scarce.

Perhaps someone will recognize the names and have more information to share!


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  1. Isn’t it so wonderful when you have photos that have names of the subjects. I have copies of old photos but sadly many aren’t labeled, as the ones that are have helped tremendously in solving some family history and mysteries. 😉

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