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Weddings, Weddings, Weddings – November 1900

from The Richmond Climax, Madison County, Kentucky

Wednesday, November 7, 1900

Chenault-Crutcher Nuptials

A beautiful wedding, indeed, was that of Mr. Cabel Horace Chenault and Miss Ann Chenault Crutcher which was celebrated at Pond church today at high noon.

Nothing can be sweeter or more impressive than the union of two hearts which since childhood have beat responsively; such a scene containing at once the fulfillment of hopes cherished for years, and prophecies of a happy, useful future was enacted when these two lives were made one.

Sweetest strains of melody, floated from beneath the skilled touch of Miss Florence Chenault on the organ, and Mrs. John T. McClintok on the violin, and, like a lark, above both rose the voice of Miss Katherine Smith in Love’s Serenade as a prelude.  At length to the triumphant peal of the Tannhauser wedding march, the bride on the arm of her brother, was joined at the altar by the groom and his best man, Mr. Charles T. Chenault.

Behind the stately bride followed the matron of honor, Mrs. George W. Evans, Jr., and as the groomsmen, Messrs. George W. Evans, Jr., Leslie P. Evans and Jeptha D. Chenault, reached the end of the aisle, in a solemnly beautiful ceremony the Rev. J. N. Bailey pronounced the affianced couple, man and wife.

It would be superfluous to speak of the virtues and beauties of the bride or the worth and sterling qualities of the groom, so well are they known by us all.  Showers of congratulations from the county en masse, bestrew their path and the best wishes of all attend them.  Mr. and Mrs. Chenault left on the 1:55 L. & N. train for a short tour and on their return, will be at home to their friends at the residence of Mr. Chenault’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Chenault, on the Irvine Pike two miles east of town.


Cecil-Bowman – The marriage of Miss Virginia Bowman to Mr. Charles P. Cecil is announced for January 1st.  Both parties are well-known young society people of Danville.

Lowry-Douglas – Professor R. G. Lowry, of the Nicholasville Graded School, was married last Wednesday to Miss Anna Dale Douglas, of Worcester, Ohio.  Professor Lowry is an old C. U. man of the class of ’82 and well-remembered here.

Walden-Benton – Miss Clara Benton was married on Thursday last to Mr. Charles W. Walden, Rev. A. J. Tribble officiating.  The wedding occurred at the home of the bride’s father, Mr. Daniel Benton, of the Water Work’s precinct, and a large number of friends witnessed the ceremony, at the conclusion of which the newly married couple drove to Union City at which place they will make their future home.

Rayburn-Hendren – Mr. Clyde Rayburn and Miss Clara Hendren were married at the home of Mr. J. M. Hendren at Speedwell last Wednesday.  Mr. Rayburn is a young farmer of that locality, and a nephew of Mr. H. B. Dillingham, of this city, with whom he lived several years.  The bride is a niece of Mr. J. M. Hendren, with whom she has made her home since her infancy, and is an excellent young woman.  We congratulate Mr. Rayburn heartily upon his luck in procuring so charming a mate and join their numerous friends in wishing the happy couple all the prosperity and happiness.

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