Old Photos

Men and Their Whiskers

Today I wanted to share photos of men with their beards and/or mustaches, giving examples throughout the years.  Of course, men wore facial hair as dictated by their own personal style, but some fads are worn through certain decades.

Just looking at the hairstyle dates this photo to the 1850’s.  The extremely large lapels of the over-sized coat are another good indication.  And the silk bow tie seals the date!  A goatee on his chin.

This photograph is easy to date since it has a 3 cent stamp on back – used during 1864.  Definite sideburns for this gentleman – made famous by General Ambrose Burnside during the Civil War.  Also known as muttonchops.

This is an early 1870’s photo – the coat, although more fitted than our first photo, does not have the ability to be buttoned at the very top, as becomes popular later in the decade.  A goatee for this gent.

Another early 1870’s photo.  I believe this gentleman just likes hair!  Full beard and a longer hairstyle than usual at this time.

And our last photo – from the 1880’s – the glorious handlebar mustache!  Remember William Howard Taft?  Notice the small lapels on the jacket, giving view of the vest below – and what looks like a beautiful watch chain!


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  1. Very interesting! Especially in light of the photo I found on Ancestry of my husband’s g- grandfather and family. He has a full beard, and because of the identification of children, guess the picture was taken 1880-1883. I was super excited to find this!

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