Old Photos

Photographs Taken at the Turn of the 20th Century

We start with an outside photo – always my favorites!  Very much a product of Victorian architecture, this house has all the added extras to make it attractive – scroll work under the eaves, a rounded section, and a porch with decorative railing.  There’s a chair and plant on the porch.  The house is complete with picket fence.

There are four adults and two children in the photo – don’t miss the little boy on the brown horse!  He’s almost hidden.  The woman holding the little girl’s hand is probably her grandmother – and the gentleman holding the white horse the grandfather.  The couple in the center of the photo are probably the children’s parents and either daughter or son of the older couple.

Unfortunately the photo I have has been trimmed, no name of photographer or place name.

This woman looks ready for a dance.  She carries a feathery fan and wears something in her hair.  I’m rather surprised she’s not wearing long gloves – usual for this time period.  This photo was taken at Novak Studio, 2212 So. 56th Avenue, Cicero, Illinois.

Our next photo is three adults, none that look too happy about having their picture made!  This photo was taken at Payn Studio in Elyria, Ohio.

The next two photos are taken in traveling clothes.  This young woman’s hat and scarf appear to match – the photo is not in the best condition.  Taken in Rice’s Studio in Manchester, Indiana.

Our last woman looks as if she could board the Titanic!  Large, beautiful hat, furs, and a stunning travel costume.  Photo was taken by L. J. Steman, 132 W. 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Any thoughts?

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