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What Can I Find on Kentucky Kindred Genealogy? How Do I Find It?

Today I thought we would talk about how best to use Kentucky Kindred Genealogy to help you find information on your ancestors.  Yes, I post almost every day and hope you find the blogs interesting and informative.  Thursday of this week Kentucky Kindred Genealogy will be eight years old!  Blogging every day would give us 2,920 posts – although there are 3,695 since at one time I posted twice a day.  Naturally I haven’t written about every family in Kentucky, but there is possibly some information that would be helpful to your research.  Let’s take a trip through Kentucky Kindred Genealogy to find what you want.

Notice the red banner at the top of the page.  You can click on any of these titles – Cemeteries, Marriage Records, Obituaries, Old Documents, Old Photos, Old Wills, Genealogy CDs and Kindle Books for Sale or Databases.  If you click on Databases this is what comes up:

Any database that I have posted will be listed.  These are excel spreadsheets and word documents that you can open and download to your computer.

If you click on the Marriage Records tab you will see the following:

All marriage records, whether bonds, licenses, minister returns, etc., will be here.  But there are many, many records.  Perhaps it would be easier to define your search.

Under the red banner, across from the name Kentucky Kindred Genealogy is a search box.  Click on the box and put in a person’s name, county, cemetery, etc.  If I put in Captain John Linton this is hat comes up:

Anything I have written about Captain John Linton will be in this search – DAR applications, the captain’s will, cemetery photographs, etc.

If I search on Logan County, Kentucky, this is what is found:

Marriages, deaths, cemeteries, people I’ve written about that live in Logan County – all comes up with this search.

Let’s get a little more specific and ask for Washington County wills.  Any and all Washington wills will be in this search.

You can also search by cemetery name – Cave Hill Cemetery is our search for this:

And we find any and all posts on Cave Hill Cemetery.

I hope this tutorial helps you use Kentucky Kindred Genealogy to find the information for your families!  Let me know if I can be of any help.

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  1. Yes this helps! I need to use my computer vs phone to see about my kin in Kentucky, but I follow all of your blogs. I may mention your site in my blog since I am involved in KY, and a lot of our ancestors passed through this area in their journey!

  2. Wow, this is wonderful! I have simply loads of Kentucky ancestors and documents are hard to locate for most of them. You have simplified the task. Thank you!

  3. Phyllis you and Ritchie are a gift to genealogist everywhere. You certainly have been to me and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for all you do. Seeing your blog pop up in my email every morning makes me smile, my friend.

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