A Visit to Fairview Christian Church and Cemetery – Washington County

Fairview Christian is a small, country church with a beautiful cemetery.  It is located at the northernmost point of Washington County, at the Anderson County line.  Located on a narrow road, the easiest route is to take exit 48 off the Bluegrass Parkway, head north, and then take an almost immediate left onto Hwy 1291.  Follow that road until you come to Hwy 1387 and take a left.  The church and cemetery on the left.  Several of my Hill relatives are buried here.  Today I share with you a few of the gravestones we photographed.  It was a cloudy day but the pictures are fairly good.  To see the final resting place of five Civil War soldiers buried here click here.

Sarah E. Vowels, October 1, 1833 – November 6, 1914.  ‘No pains, no grief, no anxious fear can reach our loved one sleeping here.’

Jalila, wife of John Barnett, born October 15 ,1835, died January 1, 1912.

Cero Gorda Sagracy, April 12, 1854 – January 27, 1934.  W. H. Sagracy, December 26, 1849 – December 9, 1843.

William H. Sagracy married Cerrogorda Franklin September 16, 1874, in Anderson County.

Henry Huffman, born December 17, 1817, died December 14, 1910.

Nancy Jane, wife of Henry Huffman, born November 8, 1822, died February 5, 1899.

Edward H. Gillis, March 31, 1879 – February 11, 1915.

William H. Case, 1862-1926.  Eliza Case, 1860-1943.  ‘Loved one from our home has flown, a voice on Earth is still.  A place is vacant in our home that never can be filled.’

L. E. Sweazy, born August 9, 1874, died June 19, 1926.

Joseph W., husband of Violette Greer, born January 8, 1839m died February 6, 1910.  ‘The vacant place, the empty chair, I see them day by day.  And that fills my heart with care since my loved one’s gone away.’

Joseph W. Greer and Violette E. Gilpen married July 11, 1877, in Washington County.


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