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1822 Blankenbaker-Harrison Marriage License – Nelson County

A little background on the Harrison family of this marriage license.  Charlotte Harrison was the youngest daughter of Captain Cuthbert Harrison and his third wife, Anne Tannehill.  The Harrison family lived in Virginia since the arrival of the immigrant – Burr Harrison – from England in 1654.  He came as an indentured servant of Thomas Meades in Lancaster County, Virginia.  The Harrison’s soon spread through several counties, primarily in Loudoun and Prince William. Several left Virginia after the Revolutionary War and settled in Kentucky

Cuthbert Harrison, a fourth-generation descent from Burr Harrison, came to live in Kentucky in 1785. He had visited the Jefferson/Nelson county area several times before that date.  It is uncertain whether Ann Beale, his first wife and mother of at least six of his children, came to Kentucky.  She died in November of 1785.  Cuthbert then married married Frances Holt, who died within a year, followed by Anne Tannehill in Nelson County, March 6, 1790.  The couple had four daughters – Martha, Sarah, Rebecca and Charlotte.

Many families from Loudoun County, Virginia, moved to Nelson and Washington counties in Kentucky.  My John Hancock Linton and his wife’s Mason brothers and sisters are just a few of the many.

The Blankenbaker family was from Jefferson County.

Nelson County, to wit,

To any authorized Minister of the Gospel

These are to license you to solemnize the rites of matrimony according to the forms of the Church to which you belong, between Benjamin Blankenbaker and Miss Charlotte Harrison, daughter of Cuthbert Harrison.

Given under my hand as clerk of the county court of the said county this 14th day of February 1822.

                                      Benjamin Grayson

Nelson County, to wit,

I, Benjamin Grayson, clerk of the county court of the said county do certify that bond is given by the said Benjamin Blankenbaker with George Harrison, his security, as required by law on his application for the above license and that the consent of said Cuthbert Harrison is certified to me.  Given under my hand this 14th day of February 1822.

                                      Benjamin Grayson

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  1. It is amazing what you can find. I have enjoyed learning about some of the people I never knew existed.

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  2. Cuthbert Harrison is my 1st cousin 7 times removed as he was the grandson of my 7th Great Grandfather, Thomas Harrison, son of Burr the immigrant. I was very happy to find this new information on my Harrison family. My direct Harrison ancestors settled in Fleming and Lewis counties and by 1860 they had moved on to Fulton County, Illinois.

      • Thank you, Phyllis. I have another connection to your Linton line on my tree. Ann Nancy Mason, wife of Capt. John Linton, was the grand daughter of William Berkley. William Berkley was my 6th Great Grandfather but I am descended from his first marriage to Jane Gardner/Gardiner so I am a 1/2 first cousin 6 x removed to Ann Nancy. A little distant and somewhat convoluted but related none the less 🙂

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