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Kate A. Forsythe Obituary


from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, August 31, 1905

Mrs. Kate A. Forsythe, widow of the late James M. Forsythe, died Friday night after a lingering illness.  The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the family residence, “Fountainblue”, near town, conducted by Rev. W. M. Woods, after which the remains were interred in Spring Hill Cemetery.  Mrs. Forsythe was one of the best known women in the community.  She came from one of the most prominent families in the state, being a daughter of Captain Aaron and Nancy McMurtry Alexander, among the wealthiest and most aristocratic people of the past generation in this county.  She was born in 1835, and was an only daughter among six sons, and with her death, the last of her family were gathered in.  The six brothers, John, William, Gabriel, Gody, Howard and James were all men who are still well remembered, died many years ago.  Three of them were killed during the Civil War, Gody Alexander being among the first men slain on Virginia soil at the opening of the hostilities between the North and South.  Mrs. Forsythe has always been one of the most exemplary Christian women in the community, and a mother whose devotion to her children was one of the most pronounced traits of her strong and beautiful character.  The children who survive her are Messrs. Howard, Fred and James Forsythe and Mrs. Naomi Chinn.


Kate A. Forsythe, born September 7, 1834, died August 31, 1905

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