Family Stories

Today In Genealogy History – March 24

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!!

March 24th

Washington County, Kentucky

Edward Boicourt married Betsy Sadler 24 Mar 1798
William Mobley married Adorah Vain 24 Mar 1806
John Head married Sally Clark 24 Mar 1807
William Brown married Catherine Wright 24 Mar 1812
Philip Vest married Polly Coppage 24 Mar 1815
Green R. Hays married Susanna Chandler 24 Mar 1825
Thomas Hardin married Mrs. Susan Williamson 24 Mar 1828
Doctor L. Watson married Fanny Hughes 24 Mar 1830
James McAdoo married Lucinda Lowell 24 Mar 1840
Jackson Henderson married Pamelia Votaw 24 Mar 1845
James Hinton married Susan C. Bolds 24 Mar 1845
Joseph Riley married Sarah A. Goodlett 24 Mar 1853
Henry H. Prather married Mary Ann Hardin 24 Mar 1861
John B. Gordon married Margaret Satterly 24 Mar 1864
Enoch Godfrey married Nancy C. Dollins 24 Mar 1865
Stephen Osbourn married Bell Hoskins 24 Mar 1870
M. C. Shewmaker married Catherine M. Shehan 24 Mar 1870
John W. Hooper married Amanda Jane Hern 24 Mar 1872
James R. Bishop married Sarah B. Richardson 24 Mar 1887

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