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Surprise In The Mailbox!

The delightful people of Logan County, Kentucky, continue to amaze me!  Ritchey and I were welcomed with open arms into their genealogy society, their homes and hearts!  The last day in the area we stopped by the genealogy society one last time to make a copy of the back page of a photo – in my excitement I copied the photo, but not the writing on the back!  But as in an earlier blog, the coincidence was too great – it was meant to be!  We had the privilege of meeting Mary Lancaster, another of the ladies whose hearts beat genealogy!  In talking about my Kentucky Kindred blog I handed out my business card (that’s a total misnomer since it really isn’t a business) to all there and they brought the website up on the computer.  I talked about the great number of old photos I had found in the antique shops while there.  Mary asked what I did with them and I told her I shared them on my blog and Facebook page with other genealogy enthusiasts.  She then said she had some old photos she would send me – and I told her I would be delighted!

Yesterday they arrived in the mailbox!  Let me just say I was overwhelmed!  48 lovely photos of families, individuals, children!  Mary, you made my day and I sincerely thank you for your kindness!  All the photos in this post are from Mary Lancaster.


Look at this lovely little girl – her ringlet curls remind me of those of my own daughter when she was young!  Such a pensive look on such a little face!  There is no name listed on the back.  The photo was taken by Willis & McQuown in Crawfordsville, Indiana.


This is a great family photo!  I love that the older lady is clutching her husband’s arm – I’ve not noticed that as much, especially from this time period.  This is an older Cabinet Card, probably in the early 1870’s.  Perhaps this was a special occasion for the family?  No names, photographer or place listed.


Such a handsome gent!  He has a spiffy cravat and an elegant, stand-up collar!  This photo is also from Crawfordsville, Indiana, taken by Nicholson’s Sons!  It is 3.8×5.25 – I would estimate taken at the turn of the century to 1915.


How about these two boys!  They look very prim and proper, the hand of one resting on his brother’s shoulder!  But I believe there’s a bit of mischievousness just waiting to pop out after the photo was taken!   Another photo from Crawfordsville, Indiana, taken by J. Nicholson & Sons.  This is an older photo than the one above.  It is a cabinet card – a dark green card from 1890-1900, which is, I have read, hard to find.


At the top of the card you can see gold edging, very noticeable from the front.  This type of edging was available from 1890 on.


This last photo, also from Crawfordsville, taken by Lawson Photographers, looks to be an earlier card, perhaps 1870’s or early 80’s.  This lovely woman has a beautiful dress – wish it were a full-length photo!

Again, we have Mary Lancaster from Russellville, Kentucky, to thank for these wonderful photos – and many more to come in future posts!

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