Robertson Family Buried at St. Dominic


A large plot at St. Dominic Catholic Church Cemetery in Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky, is dedicated to the family of George Dudley Robertson and Lucinda Hamilton Robertson.


George was born February 14, 1834.  In the 1850 Washington County Census, at the age of 16, he is living with his brother Austin, a blacksmith, 28.  Included in the household is Austin’s young wife, Elizabeth, 21, and infant son Dudley B., born January, 1850.  George’s father must have been named Dudley since his son and grandson are named for him.


In the 1850 census Lucinda Hamilton is a tiny girl of 4 years, born March 1, 1845, living with her father, Alexander Hamilton, 62, born in Maryland.  He is one of the Maryland to Kentucky pioneers that came around the turn of the 19th century.  Born January 6, 1788, he outlived four wives – 1.  Harriet Edelen, 1791-March 13, 1823, married February 19, 1811; 2.  Theresa Jarboe, 1796-September 6, 1825, married January 4, 1824; 3.  Elizabeth Smith, 1804-March 31, 1834; married November 21, 1826; and 4.  Lucinda Hayden, 1815-March 30, 1845, married June 2, 1835.  Lucinda was named for her mother and was the youngest child in the family – her mother died 29 days after she was born.  Alexander lived for another 33 years, to the great age of 90.


Ten years late in 1860, George is living with another brother, William J. Robertson, a mail contractor.  Included in the family was William’s wife, Lucy, children Sarah, George, Mariah, Nellie and Susan, and his mother-in-law, Susan Knott.  George Dudley is 26 and is listed as a merchant.


In 1861 William J. and wife Lucy, had a son, William Knott Robertson.  He was later the owner of Robertson’s clothing store in Springfield.  It was a staple for many, many years, located on the corner of Main Street and Lebanon Road.  The brick building has the date at the very top – 1896 – along with W. K.’s name.  Evidently George started out in the merchandizing business and continued throughout his life.  Was this business eventually sold to his nephew W. K. – or did George Dudley Robertson have another store location in Springfield – or did he remain a grocer as he is listed in later census records?


Lucinda, listed as Louisa in the 1860 census, is 15, living with her father Alexander, age 72, older brother Richard, 48, and brother Alex, L. A.  I wouldn’t be surprised if her name was Lucinda Louisa Hamilton – or perhaps the other way around – or possible the two were interchangeable.

George Dudley Robertson and Lucinda Hamilton were married May 12, 1863.  In the 1870 census they are listed with George as a grocer, and children Florence, 3, and Annie, 1.  We know by the tiny graves listed in the St. Dominic Cemetery plot that another child was born during this 1863-1870 time period – Clarence Robertson.  The years are difficult to read on the stone but I believe it says born December 28, 1864, died September 17, 1866.


The 1880 census gives a bit more information.  George is still listed as a grocer, but we find out that his parents were born in Virginia.  Lucinda’s father, of course, was born in Maryland, but her mother was born in Kentucky.  In addition to the two girls listed in the 1870 census, Joseph B., 7, and Mattie, 3, are included in the family unit.  But the years between 1870 and 1880 were difficult for the family.  Three babies died young – Mary Catherine Robertson, May 12, 1871-July 23, 1871; George Dudley, July 6, 1875-July 19, 1876; and Mary Lettie Robertson, May 12, 1879-October 20, 1879.  Four little stones in remembrance of four little children.


By 1900 there are 4 children living with George and Lucinda – Mattie M, age 23, born April 1877; Hamilton A., 19, born August 1880; George D. (the second child with this name), 17, born February 1883 and William T., 14, born February 1886.  It also shows the couple has been married for 36 years, have had 11 children – 7 living, and George is a merchant/grocer.

Daughter Florence Robertson married George Lloyd Hayden, a hardware merchant, February 8, 1888.  In the 1900 census they have four children, Mary, 10; Louise, 8; George R., 3; and Lloyd George, 5/12.

In the 1910 census George is listed at 76 years of age, Lucinda, 66, with 11 children, 6 living.  Martha, 32, and William T., 23, live with their parents.


Son Alexander Hamilton Robertson, born 1880, died 1942, married a woman by the name of Cecilia.  They are buried in the Robertson plot.


Son Joseph B. Robertson married Effie Mudd.  They are buried with the family.


J. B. Robertson, 1872-1907


Effie Robertson, 1873-1944


Daughter, Martha R. Brown, 1877-1922


Son, William T. Robertson, 1886-1938

George Dudley Robertson lived to the age of 79.  He died May 28, 1913.  Lucinda lived another eleven years, dying also at the age of 79 on May 12,  1924, the same day and month as two of her children.  This was an ordinary family, living their lives during times of happiness and sorrow, just as we all do.  I’m glad we pieced their history together!

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  1. My father, Charles Dudley Robertson, III was born in Springfield in 1925. I believe he grew up on Walnut Street. I am assuming that the middle name, Dudley might be a connection to George Dudley Robertson. Can you provide any additional information?

    Thank you

  2. I walked and played in this cemetery most of my childhood. I came across the Robertson plot many times. The size of the family marker stone and bodies laid to rest there always overwhelmed me. Thanks for the brief history of who these individuals were. I would have never put it together that it was the same Robertson family who owned the building along main street. Thanks again.

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