William H. Brown Obituary


from The Harrodsburg Sayings, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, January 30, 1902

W. H. Brown, one of Mercer County’s oldest citizen’s, died at his home, near Talmage, in this county, on the 23rd inst., of the infirmities attendant upon old age.  Mr. Brown, while in the prime of his life, was a very successful farmer and business man, and lived quietly and unostentatiously for many years at the place where he died.  At one time just after the Civil War, he engaged in mercantile pursuits at Bohon or “Bohontown” as the village was then called and proved himself a shrewd and sagacious merchant, amassing a small fortune, which he wisely invested in farming lands.  He was a man that attended strictly to his own business and thus was a good example to his neighbors.  The funeral services were conducted on Saturday at the house, and interment took place in Providence graveyard.

William H. Brown, October 5, 1821 – January 23, 1902

Almeda, his wife, 1848-1905

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